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In order to help people understand a bit more about what we are trying to achieve here at Trybe, and get them inspired to join us on our journey, I am going to create a collection of articles of fictional future Trybe users.

The first one is Bob – a user of our future “Sub-Site” feature, which basically means “Create your own Trybe”.

Meet Bob.

Bob posts regularly on Trybe about investing in precious metals, and has built up quite a following of friends who are also interested in investing in precious metals too. Between them, they fill up the “Investing > Precious Metals” category on

Then one day, Bob decides he would actually like to run his own website about investing in precious metals, and he wants it to work in a similar way to how Trybe works: he wants users to be able to post content on his site and get rewarded for it based on the quality of the content. He also wants a similar editing system to Trybe – so that he himself (or another editor) gets to check over content created by new authors before it is published.

He even wants his own token on the site – the BOB token. He may even want to run a small token sale to help fund and grow his new site.

So – what does Bob do?

He creates a sub-site on Trybe using the new Trybe Sub-site feature. He creates: and then he points his own domain name at it:

He uses the new Trybe “token creation” feature to automatically create his own token on the EOS blockchain.

He may even use our new “Token Sale Gateway” to run a token sale on his site (all this will be built in).

Once his site is ready, it’s very easy for Bob to invite all his friends on Trybe across to his new site – as they ALREADY have user accounts on it (user accounts are shared between and all sub-sites).

Bob’s site looks and works almost exactly the same as, except that it is managed by Bob, and all the content on it relates to investing in precious metals. Bob can also customize the look and feel of the site to suit his own brand, and create a menu structure that works for him. There are a number of templates that he can choose from to do this easily.

Now, Bob’s friends start posting on, and their posts are automatically cross-posted onto, gaining them exposure on both platforms. They earn both BOB and TRYBE for their articles.

Now here’s another really cool feature. If Bob finds a new author on who happens to write about investing in precious metals, Bob can instantly cross-post their articles across to! The author will start to earn BOB tokens, and of course get extra exposure for their content – a win-win for everyone.

All in all – by bringing together a social network, a content publication platform, and a website builder – Trybe will make it very easy for people wishing to create niche communities (Trybes) that are dedicated to a particular topic.

It will also help them monetize their sites in a number of different ways – through advertising, through paid content, through paid channels (where you pay to follow someone), or through subscriptions.

But what if the users don’t have BOB tokens? I hear the economists out there saying… Who will want to be bothered buying BOB tokens just to transact on Bob’s site?

Not necessary! Trybe will be building a payment gateway that incorporates the Bancor protocol. Every sub-site on Trybe will have their own Bancor-based relay, that will enable them to exchange any Trybe-based token for any other instantly at the time of payment (Eg. I will pay in TRYBE, but Bob will receive BOB as the transaction includes an exchange of TRYBE to BOB using the Bancor protocol).  Having people use BOB will, over time, increase its value, as there will be a limited supply and more and more people will start to hold on to it.

All in all – Trybe and especially Trybe sub-sites will provide a solution to some of the biggest problems facing content creators today – exposure and monetization of their content!

Trybe Sub-Sites is a future feature of Trybe that we hope to launch sometime in late 2019 or early 2020.

Let me know what you think of this idea, and if you have a niche community of your own in mind that you would like to start!

Thanks again for being part of Trybe 🙂


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  1. Dukefish

    I feel that this ‘sub site’ is essentially the same concept as subreddits on reddit. I see that if u create a subsite for precious metals and you and your friends who join are the only ones who have submitted to the category, what is the point of making a new site.

    “Bob’s site looks and works almost exactly the same as, except that it is managed by Bob,” – what is the rationale of having two tryeb clones on one topic.

    Apart from gaining admin rights to control content I do not see the reason to make another site.

    It would be better to allow the user to become a editor or moderator of that category if they want more influence in there circle of interest.

    I also think it should be done in TRYBE tokens not creating new ones.

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

      The idea is that initially it will be run by Bob and maybe with the help of his followers on Trybe, but over time they can build their own brand around this site – similar to the way publications work on Medium. Hacker Noon for example is a Medium publication that now has hundreds of thousands of readers.

      Allowing people to use TRYBE tokens on every sub-site is a possibility, but may not be feasible. If people create sub-sites on topics for which we have no advertisers, then we would not be able to allow them to pay out in TRYBE tokens as they would not be bringing any value to the economy. In this case they would need to use their own token and monetize the site in their own way.

  2. James Diegel

    This is quite brilliant actually Tom. I especially like the cross platform syncing of the users and articles. One question, for curiosity sake – is it possible to use TRYBE tokens on the new site instead of creating a new token (in the case above, instead of being managed by ‘bob’ tokens)?

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

      That is a possibility, but may not work on all sites. Because the value of the TRYBE tokens will be largely based on the advertising that the content is able to attract, then we will need to always make sure that we have advertisers in the categories that we allow on the site.

      If someone creates a sub-site about unicorns, for example, and we don’t have any advertisers in the “unicorn” category, then paying those people with TRYBE to create content about unicorns would simply devalue the currency.

  3. Zeus69

    Great concept, I think it will help TRYBE marketing and adoption.IMO TRYBE tokens should be used instead, if possible of a new token, might cause further confusion.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  4. firedream

    I am excited!
    How do you plan to solve the RAM and CPU stake for created token smart contracts?
    With staked Trybe? That would be perfect then…
    The vision and opportunities are great!
    You can also supply a server for dApps, so that developers can rent your secure servers with Trybe, by paying or even staking!
    Go Tom! I am with you.

  5. MineYourMind

    What if Bob’s moderation of posting does not meet’s requirements?

    This seems similar to SMT’s. offers or will be offering something similar and domains can be purchased with SBD’s, Fiat, Steem or you can use your own domain from elsewhere and integrate it.

    The benefit is it’s a template that’s already tried, so setting it up is easier, but because it’s a sub whatever of Trybe, it’s still bound by your ToS, which means that integration is not guaranteed.

  6. Conceptskip

    Awesome Tom! I always found it hard to understand where you are heading with the subsites Tom, but that really makes it clear, and the concept is a really great one. Will the host be able to change the rating mechanism too?
    Looking forward to trybe tokens be released well ahead of SMTs 😉

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

      Yes, they will. Sub-sites won’t be exactly the same as Trybe. Owners won’t even need to activate the reward system if they don’t want to, and even if they do they will be able to adjust the settings to suit their own needs.

  7. Infosion

    Very nice! From a marketing perspective this is already a great way of rebranding TRYBE “to your needs” as some content creator niche if I understand it right. Great idea to do it that way, especially with the connection to the already existing user base.

    I think I would probably have several ideas for niches right now and I can think of many other creators as well! This would be a great new way for content creators to easily focus more on their content work and have a way to get rewarded. It may also attract some people “testing out” which niche may be worth more than others to write about. Compared to building your own complete content network – in whatever niche – with lots of money spend on research, building + paying web stuff and ads you could simply just create a sub TRYBE page to see if it’s worth for you to go deeper into a topic by creating some articles there and analyzing the results.

    Think this has great potential! Good plans and so much stuff that will happen until then 🙂 Very nice to hear about all of this, you guys are really working on a lot of stuff. Thanks for all of your efforts

  8. CryptosDecrypted

    Real vision on display here – I like this a lot. Cross-registration, posting etc. all very intriguing. So, would the mini-site be required to stake Trybe in order to access the network etc (I’m guessing yes)? Curation might an issue as you could quickly end up with spam filled, referral circles but I suppose that would just be their own issue. Anyway, very interesting and promising. I might even give it a whirl myself.

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

      Yes, exactly. Anyone wishing to create a sub-site will need to stake TRYBE tokens in order to do so.

      And exactly – if they don’t control the content quality, that will be their own problem. Only high quality articles will get accepted to be published on, even if they’ve been accepted on a sub-site already.