I’m an airdrop addict. I don’t care if it’s EOS or Etherium. I look through the Twitter and Telegram airdrop channels and register for every new one that I see.

I’m sure a lot of people reading this remember helping the search for extraterrestrial intelligence by downloading the SETI@home on to their PC back in the day.

Boid is similar to that but the user interface is very nice and you help medicine, astronomy, climatology and machine learning by running their experiments with your CPU and being rewarded in the cryptocurrency Boid that is on the EOS blockchain.

I was able to mine over 300 Boid coins using only an iPad pro. I left it on 24/7 since the launch of Boid. It mines Boid at about 15 hash/second.

You can use their app or just mine from your browser at app.boid.com/u/CPU4Good

Boid is currently airdropping Boid coins to EOS Genesis snapshot holders. I’ve noticed a lot of people are upset that it wasn’t a modern snapshot. What if ten years goes by and some tokens are still doing Genesis snapshots?

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  1. Matt - Trybe.one

    this is a good article and I am a huge fan of BOID, but please if you use a referral code in the feature mention it in the article and don’t forget to set your image in the same menu that you use to select your categories. I have set a picture for you in the meantime.

    1. Emily

      ah, to answer my own question… i just checked it out again on a different computer (running a different os) and it offered me an app. apparently it just doesn’t support linux. would’ve been good for it to say so.