Boid makes cutting-edge decentralized technology more accessible to a general audience in a fun and engaging way.

The Name

“Boid” is a term coined by Craig Reynolds in 1986. Craig developed software which simulates the flocking behaviour of birds. The name “Boid” corresponds to a shortened version of “bird­oid object”, which refers to a bird­like object.

Each boid follows a very simple set of rules. The cumulative effect of many boids interacting creates emergent patterns. Likewise, distributed systems follow similar patterns of interaction between interconnected nodes (users and software).


Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n 2 ). It’s important to note, the value of a network is not necessarily correlated with novel or advanced new technology. The real value of the network is how many people are participating. This explains why Bitcoin retains the largest market capitalization among cryptocurrencies while also being the most technically conservative. Another good example is which is relatively simple from a technical standpoint, but incredibly valuable due to it’s massive social network effects.

The Problem

While Cryptocurrencies thrive on massive, decentralized participation, even people who are heavily invested in cryptocurrency ecosystems often are not technically inclined to become network participants (running nodes, staking, mining). Similarly, users with substantial latent compute power available (pc gamers, digital media professionals) neglect to participate in cryptocurrency networks even when doing so would be directly lucrative.

Distributed networks are designed to be self­rewarding to participants, so we find that the reason people are not participating is not due to lack of direct incentive. The problem often lies in a failure to effectively communicate incentives and the steep learning curve/high mental overhead required to participate. Participating in blockchain projects requires interaction with command line interfaces and buggy, technically dense applications which are not designed for a general audience. These issues are compounded if an individual user wishes to participate in multiple networks, or arbitrage monetary incentives between networks.

Affiliate Scams

Boid can be seen as a direct response to predatory platforms such as Genesis mining and Bitconnect which rely on pseudo ponzi scheme dynamics and affiliate networks in order to create value. These “Cloud Mining/lending” scams appeal to new users in the space with their low barrier to entry and “daily payouts” promising future monetary returns that are often impossible to sustain and only obtainable by users who aggressively invite more users onto the platform. The Boid platform is a powerful alternative because it derives value from direct participation in distributed platforms instead of simply paying new users with funds from existing users.

Methodology and Research

Originally developed to support the [email protected] project in 1999 , The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) became a generalized platform for distributed scientific research projects. Today there are 37 active BOINC projects with nearly one million active compute nodes connected and more compute power more than the world’s fastest supercomputers. BOINC projects are completely volunteer, and rely on word of mouth for advertising.

From our research, we found the primary drivers of existing volunteer computing projects are.

● Big Ideas

● Aesthetics/UX

● Public acknowledgment

● Competition Our experience with [email protected] has shown that participants are highly motivated by credit, and are particularly interested in their ranking relative to other users. This information is typically displayed on web­based ”leaderboards” showing the ranking of participants or teams of participants. Public computing is effective only if many people participate. [email protected]’s screensaver graphics are a powerful promotional mechanism: in offices and school, where computers are seen by many people, a computer running [email protected] is a highly visible advertisement. Our poll indicates that 92% of [email protected] users are male, and that most of them are motivated primarily by their interest in the underlying science : they want to know if intelligent life exists outside earth. Another major motivational factor is public acknowledgment. [email protected] keeps track of the contribution of each user (i.e. the amount of computation performed) 3 and provides numerous web­site ”leaderboards” where users are listed in order of their contribution. Users can also form ”teams”, which have their own leaderboards. The team mechanism turned out to be very effective for recruiting new participants.­supercomputer­boinc­update BOINC’s volunteers together contribute greater computing power to researchers (for free) than would the world’s most powerful supercomputer — a rig that cost $390 million to build and which ain’t cheap to run. Ari Fishkind, a spokesman for IBM Corporate Citizenship , which runs World Community Grid, confirms to me that it, too, has no advertising budget, and relies on word­of­mouth to drive enrollment. The big obstacle remains: Most people just don’t know these projects exist.

The Solution

Boid takes the social dynamics and non­monetary incentives that engage BOINC volunteers and applies this methodology to the monetary incentives of distributed blockchain networks. To achieve this, Boid acts as a meta­platform, bringing many scientific computing and blockchain projects together in one interface. Boid uses social network effects, leaderboards, exclusive digital assets, and other gamification concepts to incentivize broad user adoption. The Boid user experience is designed to appeal to users who are not familiar or traditionally interested in Distributed computing or cryptocurrencies.

Key elements of the Boid platform:

Boid Power (tentative name)

The Boid power rating is a simple numerical indicator that simplifies the ranking of contributions across diverse distributed networks. Boid Power is a live rating that is based on current and historical contributions to Boid. Users and Teams each have a Boid Power rating which is calculated based on the underlying device performance statistics, token staking dynamics, and other factors.


Each user on the Boid platform contributes as part of a team. Each team can generate tokens and exclusive digital assets for team participants. Teams are an important part of Boid for two reasons.

1. Competition

a. We know from BOINC communities that competition is one of the strong driving

factors which engages the community members and drives adoption. b. Teams compete in time limited computing power challenges for exclusive


2. Team Sponsorship

a. We find that media influencers are adept at expressing ideas in ways that are

receptive to their community. Influencers will play a large role in selling the Boid platform to new users. b. A team sponsorship means that the sponsor can determine the rewards users

will receive for contributing compute power towards that team. A team sponsor might decide to mint new tokens, distribute rare assets, or offer physical rewards. c. As a sponsor, you can grow your existing social media channels and by engaging

with with Boid community members. Additionally, you can use the Boid platform to interact with your existing community in creative new ways.

Tokenization and Non­fungible blockchain assets

Tokenization has proven to be an effective way to capture energy around communities and big ideas. By allowing teams to mint tokens for community participants, we can provide extra utility and incentives to users. Additionally, non­fungible blockchain assets such as curio cards and crypto kitties gives team leaders additional ways to capture community energy and reward top performing participants.

Web Application

The web application functions as a social network gateway where users can register their account, view leaderboards, join teams, and manage their connected devices. Additionally, the web browser acts as a device, able to contribute CPU power towards the users account and generate a small amount of Boid power. This makes Boid participation accessible to users who are unable to install the native applications.

Desktop and Mobile Applications

The desktop application is compatible with Linux, Windows, MacOS and is able to tap into unused CPU/GPU/Network/HDD resources as per user configuration. The application works by bundling and controlling many different blockchain node and BOINC client applications seamlessly in the background. Native applications are necessary for users to maximize their computing contribution towards their Boid account and optimize the amount of Boid Power generated.

The Boid native applications can implement the following distributed computing projects to take advantage of unused computing resources.


● Mysterium

● Gomez Peer




● Gridcoin

● Golem



● NiceHash

● Miningpoolhub


● Burstcoin https://www.burst­

● Storj

● Sia


● Decred

Business Models

Platform fees

When users earn money, the company will keep a certain percentage of earnings. Default is 10%. Users can reduce to 5% by inviting other users.

Pro Accounts

The default app will be centralized custodial style account system with basic features for most users. For power users who want to use their own private keys or extra pro features, they can purchase the “Pro” version for a one time fee. The Pro version has no platform fees, and is locked to a specific set of private keys.

Affiliate partnerships

When a user needs to cash out their earnings they will be presented with a screen that gives them a myriad of options for where to spend their earnings. Companies can pay to have their website featured on the screen as well as offering exclusive deals for users.

Team Sponsorships

When the Boid platform becomes more mature, it will be attractive for social media influencers to sponsor a Boid team for special promotions.

Tokenization Economics Boid tokens are generated on the platform by all users. Users can choose to immediately stake these coins for a lock­up period, or they can be converted into their desired cryptocurrency. BOIDs are not intended to be used as a currency, instead, they act as shares in the network. Users who stake coins are able to multiply their Boid power generated and access additional platform features.

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  1. Coley

    Great article. I, like Dave, have it running on at least 3 phones/tablets at all times, as well as my desktop, current cell phone, as well as my wife’s when they’re not in use. For anyone who’s unaware, it works well in the Xbox One and PS4 browsers, though I can’t personally vouch for PS4. It’s definitely got the potential to be the greatest project utilizing blockchain technology. Mining to save the world!

  2. cicbar

    I really hope that shared Supercomputer idea will work. Golem(GNT) has similar idea and I like it but I can’t say that I am strong believer. Competition with tech giants like IBM or Google will not be easy…

  3. David

    I have this running on a laptop with the downloaded version plus I am running the online app on 3 smartphones. I was very suspicious about this at first but recently I have been encouraged that this project is legit.

    1. DSM Post author

      My apologies for the delay. I can assure you that this is a legit project. I also own a couple of other tech entities and I am thrilled to be working with this team. Where else can you work on a project that committed to science and helping others whilst doing something very unique with the latest blockchain tech? We are having issues in our Alpha but its alpha. 😉 Thanks for believing in us David!

  4. Conceptskip

    Great article, i really like the concept of boid. Having said that, the reality is, that the alpha version of their app is not really usable on windows currently, and aside that there are a few very shady mechanics, like a notorious autostart, that you cannot turn off, a missing deinstall feature, and it doesn’t install itself in the proper programm folder, and i had to search and delete it manually. I contacted them about that over a week ago, and haven’t ever heard back from them since. Lot of things to improve here yet.

    1. Boidcom

      Hi @conceptskip, Sorry you are having tech issues with the alpha app. Please submit details using the in app blue communications box and we will follow up with your case when possible. To uninstall the Boid app in windows, you can find the uninstaller under add-remove programs in the control panel. While the app is working great on over 400 windows devices right now, we are always trying to find ways to improve the user experience and increase hardware compatibility.