Boid is a very interesting Blockchain based platform that was built from the ground up. It was designed in a way to make it as accessible as possible. Anybody with a compatible Tablet, Smartphone, Computer etc., along with an internet connection can utilize Boid and get rewarded. 

– Total Supply – 25 B
– Token Symbol – BOID
 EOS Snapshot Date – June 1, 2018

Access the Boid platform with the Boid Web and a Boid Native app. The Boid Network is a decentralized platform that uses EOS Blockchain technology.

The BOID token will be native of the Boid EOS sidechain. BOIDs are minted as mining rewards based on your Boid Power generated by the Boid App. Similar to EOS, you can also enable your BOIDs to vote on proposals impacting the platforms future, stake (lock up) your BOIDs to gain advanced access to account functionality & platform bonuses. And stake BOIDs for important infastructure network support, part a Boid supernode. Receive dividends based on team performance.

Boid Power & Rewards

BOID offers weekly competitions and challenges for prices and money. Make Passive Income by using your Boid Power to mine various crpto-currencies. Get compensated daily if you choose. You can also divert your Boid Power towards various projects of your choice, such as fundraising campaigns, for example.

Your Boid Power is determined by your hardware performance and how long the application is running. The unique thing about Boid is that it runs int he background utilizing unused resources.

Join my BOID Team at , and start earning Boid Tokens today. 

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