Hey fellow Trybers,

Just wanted to alert everyone to the fact that Big.One exchange has already supported a ton of the new EOS airdrops for trading and one of the more recent additions is the awesome BOID project.

Using your devices CPU can generate BOID POWER. This power is used to process complex computations for bleeding edge scientific research such as mapping cancer markers. The more power your devices generate the more you will be rewarded in BOID tokens. You can even choose what CPU rate you want to run. There will even be BOID teams and competitions in the near future for which team can generate the most BOID Power in a given period. Sounds like a lot of fun for contributing to a great cause and earning some tokens to support another promising EOS dapp.

Visit BOID.com for further research into their great project.

Here are the latest downloads for their desktop client for both MAC and PC. They are both working great for me currently.

EOS is only as valuable as what we build on top of it and the BOID project is definitely taking the plunge in adding value to our great EOS ecosystem. Be sure to give them some love and check out their project.

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  1. Tamer

    My BOID tokens on the BOID alpha website cannot be withdrawn. When I press the “View transactions” on the small wallet window on my dashboard, nothing occurs. Am I the only one facing this problem? I would be grateful if someone can help me.

    I want to stake my BOID tokens in my SimplEOS wallet