Who has read the book ‘Pushing to the front’ by Orison Swett Marden? A good book, from one of the most hard-working individuals of his time. Marden had a proactive personality and wouldn’t stop until he’s got something done. Little wonder why in his early thirties, he already had degrees in science, arts, law and medicine!

His book “Pushing to the front” was written during the 1890’s depression as a guide to help people become more successful. Even though it’s an old book, it still has its grip on relevance today, as Marden makes the case that there are no excuses for not succeeding.

The book had to be rewritten from scratch, as he watched his hotel go up in flames, along with the original manuscripts.

Over five thousand pages of manuscripts – the fruit of all the spare time he had been able to snatch from nearly fifteen crowded years of business life – had gone up in smoke…
Having nothing but his nightshirt on when he escaped from the fire, he went down the street to provide himself with necessary clothing. As soon as this had been attended to, he bought a twenty-five cent notebook, and, while the ruins of the hotel were still smoking, began to rewrite from memory the manuscript of his dream book.

Marden picked himself up and started all over again. With little money, but with lots of time on his hands, he decided to rewrite the manuscript. He took a train for Boston, boarded an inexpensive little room, and threw himself energetically into his work. In a short time, he finished writing not only his dream book – Pushing to the Front – but also a second book, Architects of Fate.Wiki

Later on, Marden went on to become the founder of Success magazines.

To succeed, there are times you may have to look at daunting challenges and setbacks in the face and say; Stick it! No matter how many times you fail, don’t stay down for too long!. You’ve gotta give in a 100%, and give in some more if that’s what is required to reach those goals! Don’t relent, don’t give up just yet, and you’ll be proud you didn’t.

In general, this book outlines the basic and definite principles for success. What’s the price for success these days?

There are books you just don’t rush to read. You save them, and let the lessons morph into something more ‘mature’. Like home training! This one, in my opinion, is one of such books.

I found a Librivox recording of the whole book, and you can listen to it here.

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