In this article I want to show you some shots taken by me few summer ago to the Borromeo Palace gardens on the Bella Island. This gardens of 200 years are baroques style; you can find a lot of statues, obelisks, staircases and stone balustrades. Many trees come from the Orient.

Statues and architectural decorations alternate with geometries and botanical preciousness. The trusted gardeners prune, fertilize, experiment, preserving this place of enchantment from the passage of time. At the gates of the garden a large camphor for almost two hundred years welcomes visitors who crossed the great gate find before them the splendor of the amphitheater that scenically occupies the central part of the island.

The Italian Baroque style garden is developed on parterres and terraces placed at different heights and alternates statues, obelisks, stairways and stone balustrades that create a scenographic system designed to symbolize the power of the noble family.

The visitor can still walk along the avenues of the garden up to the top of the largest terrace, a true command bridge of the island from which to admire the expanse of the lake and the charm of this garden forged by man.

An amazing place that I visited last summer with a few friends, a day in relax inside nature, the lake is wonderful and this gardens are so beautiful and curated, how you can see from the pictures below that I made with my camera.

Borromeo Palace gardens
Statue  with vegetation in a  fountain
Various statues in top of a fountain
B&W statue, below you see the “Lago maggiore”
Borromeo Palace gardens
A  big staircase
Hedges in the garden
Lotus flower in a pool
A pool, behind that a lot of statues
A view of the other islands
A small tree in the middle of two  really big
Zoom of one of the two big tree in the previous picture
An ancient Japanese tree


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  1. James Diegel

    This is just amazing Dexpartacus!! Never came across this place before – but I’m gonna add it to my wanna see travel list for sure. Really nice photos as well of the gardens – but that black and white statue photo – thats some super cool photography 🙂

  2. Beautifulbullies

    These gardens are stunning! I love the pictures, they are so colourful and I can almost feel the warmth through them 🙂 fantastic place that has to be added to my bucket list! Great post, thank you for sharing with us 🙂