The Brazilian crypto trading platform recently fell victim to an enormous data breach that leaked personal data from customers, as the company announced on its official Facebook page on Saturday, August 26.

Atlas Quantum discovered the leak on Saturday 25 August and has already initiated investigations. The company informed its users that the security breach does not affect user account funds, but admits that a lot of personal information has been leaked.

As soon as Atlas Quantum discovered the leak, measures were taken to protect the database from further attacks. Some of the functions on the platform were temporarily disabled after the incident, but the company assured users that passwords and encryption are safe.

The data breach index page “Have I Been Pwned” reported on August 26 that the leak affects more than 261,000 customers. Apparently, names, phone numbers, email addresses and account balances have leaked out. According to reports, 24 percent of the data was already in Have I Been Pwned’s database.

Atlas Quantum is an investment and trading platform in Brazil that reportsly manages assets worth over 23.2 million euros.

In July, the decentralised stock exchange platform Bancor was allegedly also the victim of hackers stealing over 10.3 million euros from various accounts. As Cointelegraph reported after the incident, the company later created the crime-fighting initiative “Crypto Defenders” to take collective action against similar attacks.

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