Perhaps not the smoothest of headlines, but I just wanted to make a quick update on the CPU issue, that is resolving itself right now. The thing is that this congestion is happening WAY earlier than anyone had anticipated because no one, not even the creators of EOS thought adoption would happen so quick.

What has happened is that a default system contract is triggering CPU congestion mode too early. As soon a s block hits 10% of the total 200ms of CPU allowed per block a CPU allocation algorithm switches to congestion mode.

A proposal to solve this and change the value has been proposed and will increase it from 10% to 20% (a 100% increase) and 15 of 21 BP’s have currently approved.

This will be implemented VERY soon. Read more here 

This has all happened because of the insane amount of activity on the gambling dapps. Up to 40k dapp users daily and a volume of more than 500M USD weekly. Incredible numbers.

This has of course resulting in another effect, namely that the ZKS token is tanking. This token was created and airdropped to all accounts as a utility token to temporailly increase CPU. I have used it and it works like a charm. I do however that it is a great commodity to own as I’m sure we will run into congestions again in the future and resources will always be valuable assets(commodities?? who knows what it is) to own on the network. So maybe I’m buying the dip. Not investing advice.

So hang in there and EOS is soon up and running at full capacity again. This is why we love EOS.


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