What is cross-chain:

The development of blockchain technology and economy, as well as the extension demand on the technical performance and function of blockchain technology, including the migration and invocation of the pass value between different chains, are important reasons for the emergence of cross-chain technology.

“Cross-chain” is not a chain, it refers to the process on a different chain, and language data migration and transportation and circulation achieved through technical means.

What is UINP:

As the world’s first double-layer(transport layer & application layer) cross-chain protocol, UINP (Unitary Interchain Network Protocol) aims to eliminate the issue of isolated data islands in existing blockchain network(public chain, consortium chain, private chain)and realize the transmission of different types of data() between different blockchain network.

How UINP realize cross-chain:

In Unitary interchain network, any node in the existing blockchain network can be a participant to provide interchain information transmission and verification as long as the Unitary plug-in are deployed; and the deployment of Unitary plug-in won’t slow these nodes’ original network’s packaging speed down, on the contrary, it can enhance its packaging efficiency to some extent. The Unitary plug-in consists of Observer chain and Router chain.

Observer Chain in application layer is responsible for the transformation and translation of data and language between different chains, and then down to the transport layer.

Router chain in transport layer is responsible for data and language transportation.With unitary specific algorithm, the target task can be quickly found. In the way of dis-intermediation without trust. That is to say, “decentralization” can be used to match transactions, complete information transmission and realize pairwise searching

Why use UINP to cross chain:

 Compatibility: Unitary plug-in can be deployed in public chain, consortium chain, private chain and side chain; Through Unitary plug-in, the functions and values of the blockchain network are integrated by transforming the different data languages of both parties into the data languages that can be understood by both parties.

 Openness: As an open source project, UINP allows every parts of blockchain network have the access into Unitary network nodes for cross-chain requirements; Any developer can develop customized features to meet different types of application needs and scenarios.

 Transferability:Dapp and other assets’ interchain migration through UINP is no longer limited by its original blockchain infrastructure.

 High efficiency(speed up): Instead of TCP protocol, the Dapp’s developers can transfer data information and language through UINP. Comparing to some cross-chain projects in the market, UINP not only makes transaction speed no longer affected by side-chain, but also avoid the influences of main chain’s speed.

 Safety: UINP adopts point-to-point data transmission, which can match transaction without a trusted third party for verification, both party only need to ensure their own on-chain data security; in addition, POU(Tri-layer consensus mechanism), double mining mechanism can increase the cost of nodes doing evil, and make transaction verification more secure.

 Low cost: Double mining mechanism, No independent nodes are required, save verification cost, low fees.

 TCP/IP for blockchain industry: UINP’s paradigm interchain data transformation helps to accelerate the standardization and development of blockchain industry, promote the promote the development and prosperity of application market, decrease the difficulty of developer’s development; Just like the TCP/IP protocol on the Internet, through UINP, developers can develop applications that meet their own needs and have the same protocol standards to reach cross-chain consensus.

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