Recently I bought a whole package of persimmon and when I came home, I began to create new photographs in which of course I used persimmon.

I like the bright color of persimmon and interesting texture when cut. Persimmon can be bought in the autumn and winter season and now the persimmon has appeared on the shelves of all the supermarkets of our city.

As it is known, China is the birthplace of persimmon. In the world there are about 500 varieties of persimmon. In my country, the most common varieties are tart Caucasian, Japanese impatient and sweet chocolate. Persimmon ranks second after citrus fruit in its nutritional and beneficial properties. In the fruits of persimmon soderitsya much glucose log for our body.

Persimmon contains a large amount of tannin, which causes a knitting effect. When the persimmon ripens, this substance disappears from it.

I tried to choose the most ripe and soft persimmon. It is quite easy to determine, you just have to take the persimmon in your hands and lightly press on it with your finger. Persimmon should be soft with black patches over the entire surface.

Ripe persimmon is the most delicious and very sweet. In the autumn season, I buy several packages of persimmon for a week and safely eat :).

For photos I used the Lightroom program. I added contrast to each photo, increased the light and shadows. I also added dark color, clarity and juiciness.

I recorded a small video in which you can see how I processed these photos.

I also used a camera Canon EOS 70D and a lens Canon 50 mm.

Camera Settings: ISO 800; f/2; 1/125 sec.

If you still have not tried persimmon, then I think you still have time to go to the supermarket and take a few pieces.

Who of you likes persimmon?

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