Within EOS community, we are all excited about progress network has made in last 3 months since main-net launch. EOS network is breaking all records in terms of number of transactions per second, average daily users and daily/weekly transaction volumes in terms of revenues generated by dApps. But we still see a lack of enthusiasm about EOS technology outside the community.

Silicon valley is one of the biggest supporter of blockchain technology. We have some of the biggest exchanges like Coinbase and Abra based here and we also have significant amount of VC funding going into blockchain projects. I am watching the events unfold in the San Francisco Blockchain Week which is going on in the area and we can clearly see the impact of bear market and euphoria is diminished a bit from mass media and average person. But the developers and investors interest is still the same. We are seeing thousands of Ethereum developers and even projects that are way lower in market cap are attracting interest from blockchain enthusiasts. But I do not see any EOS acknowledgement or discussions. Nobody officially representing EOS in the event. Even with all the performance records and EOS being second biggest smart contract platform in market cap (after Ethereum), it is puzzling to see lack of marketing from with Block.one or EOS community.

At investing with a difference, we decided to change this and we are organizing an EOS exclusive event on Nov 12. We are expecting strong participation from EOS community as we have delegates from more than 11 countries coming for the event and we want to make people notice what EOS is all about. We have 20+ dApps that are participating and showing what real world applications you can build on EOSIO. For more details – https://www.scalingblockchain.us


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