Your wealth Don’t make a reason for you to demean others. In God’s eyes all are the same. no rich and poor, Wealth that you have is only a deposit that at times will be taken back by Him.


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Then what should you be proud of?

Luxury cars that you ride every day, everything is just a deposit from God.

Then what should you be proud of?

Are you not ashamed to show off that is only entrusted? Showing off something that is not ours.

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The beauty and good looks you have, just bone meat, which eventually becomes a skull,

Then what should you be proud of?

Beauty and good looks will be lost by late age.

Don’t make the job title for you to oppress subordinates,

Remember your position is only temporary and at times will be replaced, It could be replaced by the employee you oppressed.

Then what should you be proud of?

Do not demean someone because we never know when God elevates the degree of His servant.

Our duty as servants is only to be grateful, grateful and grateful.

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If you are looking for a luxurious life, know that wealth has its end.

Clothing and mansions will be damaged … Delicious food will run out, or even rot, and become a despicable disposal.

If you are looking for praise for the inhabitants of the earth and its popularity, know that human praise is only verbal.

If all you are looking for is a position and a throne, know the position and throne can be a reward field or it can be a proof that will be our test in the afterlife, Till, tired and sweaty you have no benefit at all.

What you pursue in the world, know that all will perish.

All will be taken away, But if what you pursue is livelihood in the hereafter, then you are the happiest person.

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  1. Cornel

    @andescoter88 I definitely understand what point you’re trying to make, but I don’t think we should demonize the materialism surrounding us either.

    I’m a believer that the True Happiness can only be found in the Present, while in the Future is only the illusion of Happiness.

    That doesn’t mean I’m saying we should focus on Material things only, but instead of longing and counting for Happiness just after we die — we should try to find Happiness starting with this very second and be fascinated both by Spiritual and Material things simultaneously and look at them at as a whole that complete each other.

  2. MineYourMind

    Agreed and I hope Blockchain technology leads to a new type of economy, because the current systems only promote greed and debt. Both of these are extremely harmful to peaceful coexistence.

    Luckily I have found a way to live a fully sustainable life in America earning the amount considered poor for even poorer countries.

    Money, power and consumerism have no place in my life. I hope it catches on.

    Keep talking from the heart my friend and I hope you are the labeling yourself as a servant to your god and is not required by it, because it’s not a healthy mentality.

    Any wisdom pertaining to human ideals should be practiced by one’s god as a default.