If you are into crypto and i am sure you are since you landed here, you know about latest split chain and forks on Bitcoin Cash which ended with BCHABC that got BCH ticker pretty much everywhere and BCHSV which went as BSV in most places.

Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision lost BCH ticker pretty much everywhere about in example Binance Exchange where BCH probably wont exist just BCHSV and BCHABC yet the coin is not stopping or dying like many could want.

Its a top pumped coin now almost everywhere and doesnt stop despite BTC/USD ratio going down with crazier volumes than ever.

Also mining wise BCHSV is just a little bit below BCH or BCHABC (how you want to call it) but not significant.


If BSV will keep pumping on this bear market (people say both BCHABC and BCHSV keep selling BTC to fund their fight) we may see interesting events on it right now. Currently loads of exchanges have ie closed deposits or withdrawals or both on BSV and BCH prices which makes a lot of options for easy arbitrage trades. Of course, as long as you have coins there. For example, Bittrex vs Huobi often works. Binance runs the price vs others. CoinEx may join the party soon. This is why i always suggest to get as many free crypto exchange accounts as possible.

Today BSV got into top7 of CoinMarketCap and looks like XLM aka Stellar will be raced soon. Then EOS and.. Two opponent meet. Is the goal to race BCH there also ? I bet these guys will fight over the position as they have big egos and want to prove a point.

I believe – we – the small fishes should not get into politics and just trade or mine what is profitable for us. This fight just shows how many powerful and crypto rich people we have on the scene right now.

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  1. Nicholas

    We can fight. Step back a little, and stay in silence, while the big kitties make their nonsense 😀
    We are the crypto, these big guys are just big guys. Any different between those and the banksters?

  2. Dukefish

    I think this whole BCH hash war was a massive waste of time and resources. It was the core BCH personalities just trying to stroke their own egos, I feel that is has been really detrimental to the crypto market as a whole and has cast a negative light upon us all.