This in-depth, online training workshop is delivered by OCI, one of the lead contributors to the EOS.IO blockchain platform and covers fundamentals that enable developers (including non-C++ developers) to quickly get comfortable with EOS.IO distributed app (DApp) development.

  • Understand the high-level fundamental pieces of an EOS.IO DApp
  • Learn the flow of transactions and actions (messages & events) in EOS.IO
  • Observe the development and deployment of a DApp on EOS.IO
  • Discover the various libraries available to a DApp developer




June 28th – June 29, 2018

6 hours 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CT each day

$100 per student (USD)


  • Where we are today in EOS.IO DApp development capabilities
  • Overview of EOS.IO libraries
  • Overview of storage capabilities
  • Overview of deferred transactions
  • Walkthrough development of a simple EOS.IO DApp
  • Store/retrieve/update data in table
  • Create a deferred transaction

Intended Audience

This workshop is appropriate for developers, technical leads, and architects with programming experience, preferably in C/C++, although any high-level, structured language experience is sufficient. At least an intermediate understanding of blockchain technology is recommended.

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