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In my second discussion about business material and how to run a business properly . On this occasion I will raise one of the biggest shopping places for people from Southeast Asia and especially for Indonesia, one of the Online Shooping which is under the following: (Alibaba Group Holdings Limited) Where today we can see that by having management and corporate governance very good, that is one of the biggest market shares in Southeast Asia today, where they already have several official resellers from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam .

Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number one shopping and online selling destination in Southeast Asia. As a pioneer of the eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia, through a marketplace platform supported by a variety of unique marketing services, data services, and other services, Lazada has helped more than 135,000 local and international sellers, and 3,000 brands to serve 560 million consumers in the Southeast Asia region. With more than 300 million SKUs available, Lazada offers a variety of products in various categories ranging from electronics to household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and daily necessities. As a form of Lazada’s commitment to promoting a pleasant online shopping experience for consumers, Lazada presents a variety of payment methods, including cash-on-delivery (COD), comprehensive customer service, and easy return service through first shipping services and last mile property Lazada, and also with more than 100 logistics partners. Lazada group’s majority shareholding is owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA).(Source)

A very good learning from Online Shooping, where the fact is that each customer will have an official username after registering the account, and it is possible that each user can become the official Reseler of the Lazada Icon. You can register this link to be a member of the Online shop;
(Sign Up Link)

(Image Screenshot)

Shopping and getting satisfaction is the main thing for everyone, so from here I see that the excellent management and Professionals from Lazada will be able to provide maximum results in running every business to get real income for everyone. Do we want to try to be inside it, why not start and get some new things from today’s modern life for ways to shop online.
With more and more things that can be offered in online shopping now and especially for all Indonesian people that today Online Shooping Lazada still gives a special thing, where for every item that has been spent by the members of Lazada will get the goods delivered to address the customer on target and free of shipping costs, and this is specifically for Indonesia referred to in it.

For the closing of me, especially for all Indonesian people, don’t forget to look back here;

Thus is my brief discussion on this occasion about one of the largest online shopping places in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, hopefully useful for the entire community.

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  1. Dwiitavita

    Hmmmm.. it’s no doubt that Lazada is the biggest one online shopping in Asian. But..not the best consumer services. It’s sadness for me have the bad experience shopping in Lazada…So not recommended for me

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