Effort and prayer, are two things that are always done by those who believe, pray as a form of help to the creator, and effort as a realization of the request, between the two complementary, so there is a saying that “Pray without lying effort, effort without arrogant prayer”, but what is the relationship between them in the eyes of religion, whether they are interrelated or mutually opposed,

What is the relationship between effort and trust according to religion?

Shaykh Ibrahim Bajuri in his book Tuhfatul Disciples explained, there were differences of opinion between scholars between the primacy of business and resignation, some scholars argued, business was better than resignation, because we tried not to expect human gifts, not humbling ourselves to get their gifts, so that more focus on worshiping God,

While some scholars argue, resignation is better than work, because by putting our trust in more time to worship him, stronger hope for God in fulfilling needs, and safer from slander assets and calculations on the Day of Judgment,

Tawakkal is holding fast to God without regard to asbab but it is possible to do so, for example, someone who is possible to trade, he has the capital and place to trade, but he does not trade, preferring to worship while believing that Allah will fulfill all his needs, then people like this are better according to some scholars,

Whereas a strong opinion is, it is more important to trust and try in terms of one’s personal, if he is able to be patient in life’s difficulties, not be bound by other people’s assets, and always be peaceful without anxiety, focus on worship, then resignation is better for him, but if his heart is wary when not working, will fall into stealing and ask for it, so for him it is better to work than resignation, even sometimes the law is obligatory for him.

This difference of opinion occurs if between work and resignation are contradictory things, but if we assume resignation and effort are two things that do not oppose, even complement each other, then there is nothing superior between the two, because of different points of view.

Regards @khairulwalad

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