A business is an idea that may have been conceived by a kin observer in midst of chaos, while many great businesses may have sprung up during times of discomfort by creative minds who found or created solutions to the discomfort of the day, many businesses have excellently well by just improving on already existing solutions.

Many of us are looking to be the next Apple or Uber which is not a bad thing but there are thousands of poor solution providers even in your environs, that are just good at pissing people off and costumers are just fed up but because there is no alternative (guess what, that’s a business). You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful, just provide more value then what is already obtainable and you see how you will become the people’s choice. Maybe you are that low value solution provider, if you want to still be in business in the long run, you know what to do.

Business Success and Luck

Many people believe that most successful business owners got lucky at some point and ‘wala’ front cover of business magazine and lambo. This is because there is no facial or physical indicator that says, hey I worked 10 hours a day including Sundays for months on my business and I spend a lot of time studying my competitors, locating their draw backs and improving that aspect in my business. We spend at least 3 hours more in producing the same product as our competitors so as to improve how value in the market and our edge. Our first product spent months in the shelves without a single sale, we had to give it out as a gift and got feedback which was used for the improvement of the product.

All of this processes are covered and probably lost in the fabricated and biased tales in the street and even some media house because easy stories sells faster than hard truth.

Behind every successful business there is most likely an enormous amount of massive actions that is keeping the business afloat, luck may play a part in the process but action (work) is the process not luck.

Luck psychology

Let us rationalize the psychology of luck.

We will use the flipping of a coin to buttress the concept of luck.

The mathematical probability of the outcome of a coin flip is a 50 50 chance of either a head or a tale will appear.

Now let’s play a game..

Pick up a coin and flip it, if the outcome is a tail you will receive a big ‘thank you’ from me and a smiley, but if the outcome is a head you will receive nothing.

Now flip………..

What is your outcome? Head or tail? Do you feel lucky? i mean it is only flip and who cares about a ‘thank you’ from a dude half way across the world. So luck is ruled out.

What if the correct outcome will win you a million dollars? ‘Now things are becoming interesting’ and your correct prediction of the outcome will make you lucky now, even your friends and family will call you lucky with haters adding bastard to the adjective “lucky bastard”. On the other hand if the outcome you predicted was incorrect, you will be termed unlucky and haters will be happy right?

It is amazing how the introduction of a million dollars could transform our perception of the event, putting aside the mathematical probability of 50 50 chance and embracing superstitious beliefs and luck as the major determinant of the outcome because we perceive to be important to us.

This is to say that if the outcome of an event has the capability to change any important aspect of our life, we bring sentiment, luck and superstition into the equation but if the outcome is of little or no effect to us, rational and logical assessment can then be applied.

Making Luck Your Ally by Work

Work consistency and the required knowledge can put you in a position of luck at such a consistent rate and others will find it difficult to understand. Using the coin flip example, let’s say this time around, you were giving 20 chances to flip the coin for the same single outcome of a tail. Do you see how repetition and consistency can influence the success rate of the required outcome?

In conclusion, what we should keep doing to until our business kick-off is to keep flipping the coin, improving our flip technique until the outcome is a tail. Keep improving that business, that service, that product until the tail shows up (success), then the people who don’t know what up will call you lucky but you will just smile because you were ones like them and you sure know where they are coming form.

Don’t give up on that business the tail is just an improvement away or should I say “a flip away”

Till next time, stay blessed.

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