From today you can buy a house with Crypto Valute also in Ticino

For months, it has been nothing but talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Iota, Ethereum and Crypto almost unpronounceable names.

Before the collapse of Bitcoin, most Ticinesi did not even know of the existence of this digital financial world.

What are cryptocurrencies?

we know by now but for those who do not know, they are simply virtual coins. Imagine a currency like Euro or Swiss Franc but not controlled by financial institutions or governments.

The Crypto market today.

Despite the great clamor linked to Bitcoin and digital currencies, the people who use the Crypts in the world do not exceed 25 million, about 0.4% of the world population.Some financial sector experts say that this market will reach 30% of the world’s population in the near future.Try to imagine how much the value of that currency would grow over the years.

How could Ticino benefit from this evolution?

Among the first 25 million people who believed in the world of digital currencies, there are several NEW rich people. Young and old, it was enough to look far and buy the coins of the future at the right time.

Among these is a 17-year-old boy from Sion (you can read his story here) who had invested his savings in the cryptocurrencies and became a millionaire before he was of age.

Ticino is a secure Canton, with a favorable climate and chosen for many years by wealthy people as a place of residence and in which to live with their family.The Ticino economic reality should take a cue and foresee that the new Cripto millionaires will seek a new, more appropriate place to live in.


A forward-looking Ticinese real estate investor and owner has decided to accept the payment of properties in digital currency.

The future asks Ticino to be ready if it wants to keep up the reputation with which it is known in the world.

Some Ticino entrepreneurs look away and welcome the new coins to foster the growth of the labor market and the canton’s economy.

Do you have cryptocurrencies and you want to use them to buy an investment property or to buy the first house for your family or leave something solid for your children?

Here’s what you can do to turn the Bit coins into inert bricks.First make sure that your Cripto are KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anty Money Laundry) certified assets. Evaluate exactly how much you would like to invest and start thinking about the house of your dreams.


In conclusion I can say that this idea is not bad would remedy a big problem nice to be able to buy a property directly in cryptomonete!

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