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Some people seem to be panicking at the huge price drops we have seen lately but first, consider that compared to prices just 3 years ago many smart people are still sitting on astronomical gains. Besides you can make just as much if not more when the market is red. But now some FUD spreaders are saying crypto is dead, I’m ruined, I knew this would fail it was a Ponzi etc.

I believe that first one must know exactly WHY one is in crypto? Do you love the freedom it gives you? the privacy?The lack of bureaucracy and red tape? the freedom from restrictions and prying questions? denial of service? the ridiculous fees waiting in line?That its available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year?The speed?The convenience?The ability to trade in markets and make money that has been off limits to you for whatever reason? Or are you just a speculator? Now don’t get me wrong speculating is GREAT! But if you are only in this for speculation and you are REKT because prices are plummeting then you are trading badly, especially if you have been in it long enough to take advantage of some of the huge volatility that the market has witnessed in the last few years. You can make just as much as you can in a bear market as in a bull market if not more. If you are just going to speculate, you may want to seek professionals advise, or better yet study all you can and learn to trade better. Take profits always and don’t be overly greedy, protect your gains and know when to sit it out. Volatility is how good traders make money. There are a number of ways to be making money in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies right now. But as I said if you are only speculating then buying a coin and just holding it forever with the blind hope that it goes up forever may not be the best idea.

  Ok so if you are in it for more than just the price appreciation of a particular coin or coins how can one make passive income in a bear market and be prepared when the bull market comes? There are plenty of great projects that could be the next big thing and are very cheap right now,or projects that have consistently shown growth or actual products that are now at their original prices or better,If you have supported a project for a year or multiple years and you have seen constant growth from users, products, updates etc,why wouldn’t you invest more than when you bought the ICO when it was a complete crapshoot? This is the most important and we will be expanding upon this and doing a series on projects that have use cases or are paying dividends and are very profitable. If a good project is being dragged down in price because of bear market FUD  or any other reason in spite of positive progress it is a buying chance. Blockchain will be around its just identifying who will be future power players and who will go the way of the dinosaurs. We would advise looking into fields that will logically move onto blockchain because that is the natural direction of their evolution and not a solution looking for a problem like so many projects.

Some of a very few of many are Gambling; Gaming; Tokenizing assets; Remittance; Personal finance/banking/trading; Institutional finance/banking Data storage/Verification. There are many more but the key is to invest in something that has an actual product or a history of making products, Something that people actually use will find a natural price just based off of the natural laws of supply and demand. Use cases if something is scarce and there is a demand it will be valuable. Here is something very important that a lot of people overlook. VALUE AND PRICE DO NOT ALWAYS CORRELATE. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind however if something is valuable eventually if it becomes increasingly scarce its price will rise. It is a law of the universe we live in and cannot change.

For example, we have always been big into gambling platforms because they are always profitable. In the long term, a well-run gambling project always is profitable. A real casino will always be fun just for the atmosphere but since gambling has come online with companies such as Bet 24 Betcriss(name some more)The ease of gambling online in the comfort of your home or on your telephone is too much to resist. I don’t gamble much and only advise it as I would with a fine Wine Spirit or cigar(or whatever your personal preference may be)  in moderation and only to enjoy on special occasions and obviously according to you budget.No the goal isn’t to gamble and hit it big rather it is to invest wisely in a longterm stable investment that pay regular handsome dividends. Gambling will always be here and with projects like EOS making it effortlessly smooth trustworthy and very profitable and it hasn’t even gone mainstream yet when people are gambling and don’t even realize they are doing so using blockchain tech is when it can reach full potential. There are a few projects paying excellent dividends. Transparity is of utmost importance with casinos most projects you won’t even know the owners the great thing about smart contracts is that they are open for all to see. Make sure you have the smart contract audited by a pro if you are going to invest substantially.

Gaming perhaps a little less grey market than casinos this space is huge .The global games market is expected to grow from $137.9 billion in 2018 to more than $180.1 billion in 2021, according to market researcher Newzoo.Those numbers are more optimistic than in the past, and they reflect the constant growth of platforms, such as smartphones. This year, mobile games are expected to hit $70.3 billion — or 51 percent of the total — and they will grow to $106.4 billion by 2021 — or about 59 percent of the total. Newzoo estimates there are about 2.3 billion gamers across the globe

Crypto and aming also seem to be a perfect match. Having everything decentralized and usable tokens that can do anything such as be a currency to pay for games exclusive content or items used to tip or used by developers . The gaming space is always at the forefront of pushing the envelope. It has been a billion dollar industry since Atari and Nintendo days and is now a behemoth and will only get bigger. Many of the Gaming giants such as PlayStation and Xbox are already using in-game currency so upgrading to a blockchain is inevitable. Wax token just migrated from an ERC20 token to the EOS blockchain technology with a sister chain and I believe as of this writing is the blockchain with the most transactions. Its also a good sign to see projects migrating coming together across multiple block chains Engine ENJ and Neverdie are both working to create multiverse games, Some early blockchain games or games making use of Blockchain technology are Cryptokitties; Twitch; Eos Knights; 0x warriors; War of Crypto; Dragon King Warcraft. There are many projects that are using crypto now. There are many ways to make money in the gaming space just be creative you could develop a dapp,loan resources to dapp developers streaming, the list is endless.

Find crypto projects that pay dividends, this could be from ICO’s; IPO’s, crypto funds or financial instruments. Again there is professional help out there who can help guide you the key is to choose one with a proven track record and you must choose in alignment to how much exposure to risk that you are willing to accept. With compounding gains, you don’t have to risk it all. Also if you buy during dips and not spending all during one dip you should be able to reach a point where when the price does go up again and it will, unless you think that crypto has peaked already then you can take out what you put in or even a large % and be now generating money solely on the gains and dividends reducing the risk to your initial investment to 0.  For a very basic example if one were to buy 100,000 XYZ(*fictional coin) token at $0.10 then market drops you buy 100,000 more at $0.04 then it goes up to 0.8 you sell 100,000 and now have 100,000 XYZ tokens and $8,000.Your initial investment was $10k for 100,000 tokens now you essentially have 100k tokens for 2k. Let’s say the tokens give 20% yearly gains on the initial investment which is conservative compared to some project that I have seen buying at these low prices such as Bitdice or some of the other dividend sharing platforms.Bitdice ; Betdice  ; EOSbet EOS.WIN are some names that are doing well on EOS. This would be a super profit generator. If you compounded the interest in 5 years you could turn a 2k investment into over 8k. And that would be one investment the goal is to have a good amount of steady earners. Of course it sounds easy but you must choose a project/s that is/are solid or has some track record and of course, it is still a risk. And this is just an example this can be done with any amount of money large or small.

New models of advertising are emerging allowing advertisers to more effectively target the audience that they want to reach and who want to be receiving info on what they are offering allowing a higher interaction rate and more cost-effective advertising.  For the person viewing the ad, you can now monetize your browsing time or email space and receive info that you would have been looking for anyway. There are people who will pay you to see their ad and turn your email into an ATM machine. Get paid for your expertise in certain areas this area can be especially really lucrative if you have professional skills Some entities pay $500 or more just to send you an email if you fit their target demographic. There are platforms already allowing people to pay their favorite content creators and plans to launch monetized viewing of adds soon.

Financial instruments, more regulation is coming but do not fear, some form of regulation is a good thing and there will always be less regulated or 0% regulated projects for sure Pandoras box is now open But regulation will allow Institutional investors and government examples XRP privacy coins, fiat to crypto exchanges; p2p exchanges; crypto loans; margin trading; futures. This space is also huge consider that in forex trading and the stock market digital securities are coming FUTURES COMMODITIES TRADING,FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS bitcoin just started trading daily volumes of over 1 billion in May of 2017 right now it is having average daily trades of about 4-5 billion total market cap of about 13 billion the highest daily trade volume on Coinmarketcap was just over 70 billion in a day,in comparison the forex market has over 5 trillion per day many hundreds of times bigger than the crypto market,there are platforms where you can trade in forex with crypto.

Remittance. Any time a product can efficiently and safely send money around the world there will be use cases and ways to make money. People in countries with exorbitant inflation such as Venezuela or Zimbabwe will pay to be able to send out and convert into any fiat or digital asset it gives the economy a global reach and economic opportunities where there were none. There are platforms where you can be paid to provide these services.

Don’t underestimate the importance of airdrops and early access,that’s one of the things I love about EOS is the whole economic system is giving away great projects and making people a part of the project, Some of the best projects on EOS are free!

there are obviously many more ways that crypto can be used again the key is to study the people behind it and there track record. If you are confident, jump in. but not all in, follow them see if they communicate, stick to deadlines; offer new services see how they are with the finances they have gathered if you constantly see the progress you can invest more. this also gives you a chance to buy dips. Also, don’t be afraid to buy more in some cases when it goes up, Just make sure there is a reason that it is going up which justifies it ie. brings value.

 It really all comes down to buying red and selling green.that’s really all there is to it. As simple as it is the majority of people can’t do it and that is why there will always be money to be made.

We will be starting a series of projects that have use cases or pay dividends and who have been performing steadily as well as some that are new but have a strong team or prior successes behind them. Not least of which is EOS the EOS ecosystem is very alive and most of us are seeing airdrops and giveaways and excellent profit-making opportunities and ways to actually use and interact with our crypto every day.

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    Wow, i want more! Now! 😀
    Really good article, i like the passive income (if you are interested, i have a not so old article about it), and i want to diversified my things.
    HODL is also good advice, but if your assets work for you with a little manage, is better 🙂