Under the name of realizing a sharing economy, Uber has been showing high corporate value since its debut in the U.S. in 2009. However, there were conflicts with cities and countries. In contrast, the company has provided differentiated service according to the laws of each country.

In this situation, the expectation of a platform Eva in the EOS BlockChain is increasing. In this regard, I reviewed Eva’s blockchain and payment system rather than technical review.

Status of Uber operation

Uber is suffering from social conflicts as it is considered illegal to meet the needs of each country’s passenger transport laws and threaten the livelihood of existing taxi drivers. In fact, in Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is actively treating them as illegal businesses.

Since the revision of the Passenger Transport Business Act in January 2016 led to the issuance of new licenses for high-end taxis, Uber Black was also replaced by a commercial taxi-type service. (In Korea, luxury cars with yellow license plates are Uber Black or Kakao Black taxis. )

That’s why Uber Black in Korea now has a yellow business license plate and is officially licensed by the taxi association. For your information, to become a Uber Black driver, a taxi driver must have a five-year, free-of-accident experience and a one-year experience for a good taxi driver.

(However, ordinary people may operate the car pool-type transportation on their way home in the morning. It’s not illegal, and the average person is also getting their income on their way to work in the morning and evening by kakao app. )

Can Eva establish the same service in this reality?

Eva understands this reality well. The way Eva chose is a different form of cooperation than Uber. (cooperational comunity). Both the driver and passengers participate as members. be a member of the union Unlike Uber passengers who paid only money, passengers share their profits with drivers as members of the cooperative. Coin Holder, who owns Eva coins, is an option. Drivers, passengers and ordinary people (uncombined non-subscribers) all participate and share their profits in each proportion.

– 85% of the transportation costs paid by the contact on Passenger (Rider) to the driver (Driver), 10% to the driver, 4% to the Coin- staking Holder, and 1% to funds for the cooperational comunity.

So Has Eva been given permission from Montreal?

The answers of the group of co-founders Dardan are as follows.

Eva will be looking for an operating opportunity as Uber’s trial period ends soon. Please refer to the following article for a detailed description of the area.


Pre-sale plans for Eva

A total of 40 million Eva Coin will be distributed. The first pre-sales service will be held at $0.25 this December. After that, it’s going to cost one dollar.

Local Canada’s automobile transport law clause does not make the project smooth. If you are interested in investing in Eva Coin, please check the real operation details of the MVP and the presence of real members (riders, drivers) scheduled for November 2018.

Thanks for reading.

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