I came across this the first time when my girlfriend told me about it. Her dad has cancer and from the time he heard about this treatment and used it he had a tremendous upswing. To such a degree that he can already work today – and that’s after the doctors told him that he only has 6 months left. That’s now long over a year ago!

But let me try to start at the beginning. Back in 2008 Dr. Claudia Friesen made a ground breaking discovery regarding cancer cells and Methadone. She researched lots of different cells and also looked how they reacted to Methadone (There are a lot of different kinds of Methadone. The one that is used for drug addicts is a slightly other version than to referred here in this article. In this article I refer methadone to the special variation “D-L-Methadon”). After using Methadone on tumor cells Dr. Friesen realized that the cells went dead very quick. Her first thought that she was probably doing something wrong, maybe some wrong dose or something like that … But after she tested it over and over again she was pretty sure that her tests were accurate. There was really a relation in the dose of Methadone and the cancer cells dying. She tested this in the laboratory for a few years, continued researches on some animal studies and started to begin the transfer on human cases.

To make a long story short: Through many cases until today can be shown that the use of a special kind of Methadone in combination with special kinds of chemo therapies can have a tremendous positive effect on the cancer cure.

Dr. Claudia Friesen

At the beginning she had financial support that helped her to continue her study. But for a few years she was now struggling because there was not really anyone who would support a clinical study for her cases. Without that the way into orthodox medicine for cancer treatment isn’t that easy.

Nowadays even with more and more of “unofficial case studies” (that means persons that got sick of cancer, heard about this treatment and used this with support of their doctor) the choice of the treatment is not so easy for most affected patients.

When I first got in contact with this subject I was really astonished about all the public difficulties Dr. Friesen got since the publication of her researches. Also, I was shocked to see how much effort and energy all the people who are already suffering from their cancer diseases have to put in to make their treatment with methadone happen if they want. It’s not as easy as you would think it is. You can’t simply choose your own treatment. Every cancer treatment in the conventional medicine is usually divided up into one chemo therapy you get and one additional painkiller. If you now as a patient want to choose your own painkiller, you can’t do that easily in a lot of cases. The reason for this mainly money! There’s simply no lobby for methadone, because its patent has sold out. Everyone can fabricate it and this very cheap. That makes it less attractive for every pharmaceutical company. All of them are rather trying to create some cures that they have the patent on. So from a simple economics standpoint this makes the methadone therapy less attractive to pharmaceutical companies. In consequence doctors are usually not even aware of this treatment. Also, if they are, they are usually not so excited because in a lot of cases they have studies which are bound to a variety of chosen medicals – and that’s never methadone. So screwing up the expected results can be costly, every patient has its own value in such a study.

I think of course every medical advisor has reasons to be concerned. Especially when it comes to something like cancer and the treatment of it. But it is one thing to be concerned and wanting to protect people. Another thing is being ignorant to hundreds or even thousands of people already using it and being the living examples. This gap is too much for me and I hope that more and more people will simply get the opportunity to decide for themselves which medical treatment they prefer – based on the expectation rate of success of real cases.

But there’s hope for the better! Recently there was a big signature campaign which I also supported. There were 50.000 votes needed, either per online voting at the German Bundestag website or by “offline voting” which had to be sent there in time. In the end there were 53,000 votes which means the target was reached!

All just to make sure that there will be a clinical study about the effect of methadone in combination with chemo therapies for cancer treatment. This will show if there is any evidence for what being experienced by a lot of people and hopefully this can then be shown in an adequate official way. The aim is to show scientifically that there really is a positive effect of Methadone used in combination with chemo therapy.

The current status of the petition is: At the 5th of November Dr. Claudia Friesen and Alexander Schaible (a cooperation partner) were asked questions in the German Bundestag from politicians about this special cancer treatment possibility. They made clear that it would only take like 300 EUR to support cancer treatment that way (I think not included the costs that can be saved leaving out other pain killers). The next step after this hearing is a decision being made by a committee of experts. The current mood of the politicians that got involved in the hearing and besides that are so far very good. For example SPD Member of Parliament and health expert Hilde Mattheis is supporting this petition so far.

Hopefully this will bring the possibility of that treatment to more and more people. As often told by Dr. Friesen: Every cancer treatment can win with the use of methadone! Some of her critics accuse her of generalizing too much by saying this. But I have to say, after meeting her two times and listen to one of her presentations myself: This woman knows what she’s talking about. And from my impression I think she wouldn’t say things that she isn’t sure about.

After seeing also a critical presentation of her work I can’t really say that about her critics. They take for example some of her statements and present them out of context which leaves a wrong picture of her and her work to the audience. Overall I have the feeling that they aren’t very fair to her work.

During her presenation I was watching like an hour of her power point slides which showed very much evidences that this correlation is not only likely but that it really exists!

For example: She did research on 20 different tumor cells and showed on all of them that there’s a correlation at the use of methadone and chemo therapy. That means if you just use chemo therapy it has its effect on the cancer cell. Compared to doing nothing this cancer cell is getting smaller by like 30% from the use of purely the chemo therapy. If you just treat this cancer cell only with methadone it usually doesn’t have any better effect. But if you treat the cancer cell with chemo therapy and methadone combined the effect is often like 50% or even more instead of only 30% compared to the treatment of purely the chemo therapy! If you treat the cell a few times with methadone and cancer it has a very high chance of being removed almost completely – not like in “normal” chemo therapies, where you almost always have huge parts of the tumor cells left. She made it very clear in her presentation that there is a way of treating a cancer cell “to its death” by that way – but only with the help of methadone.

She also showed that the dose of methadone matters very much. There’s a relation of methadone and chemo therapy which seems to be optimal and has been proven having the best effect. Unfortunately most patients can’t take the optimal dose right away. They have to slowly increase their dose level. Sometimes this can take up to a year or even longer to reach the level where the combination of methadone and chemo therapy is optimal and most likely to achieve the best treatment results.

From back in 2007 when this was discovered by Dr. Friesen the first time until now she had to go through a lot of difficulties. From what she can present in her data of her researches and real cases over the years I think there’s really enough evidence that we hopefully can expect to hear from that treatment in the future. This isn’t definitely the complete cure for cancer! But from what I saw and can say from different cases that I witnessed myself there’s big value in making a person’s life easier in any way possible when hit with something so terrible like a cancer diagnosis – especially when his decision is to make a chemo therapy. In such a case I think it can help future patients very much if they could have a chance of fighting their cancer better with the help of this.

It’s hard seeing someone that passionate and not only convinced form her work but can prove a lot of things that are already more than clear in laboratory environments. In addition to that hundreds (if not even thousands) of people who were or are still using methadone in combination with their chemo therapy and seeing positive improvement. I hope her clinical studies will create useful results that can help a lot of patients getting a better treatment in the future!

For me I have to add personally that I really would have liked to know about this a few years back. My father was diagnosed cancer back in 2013. After a painful recovery he was almost back to being okay during the beginning of 2015. But then things developed not good and unfortunately he died in the end of 2015.

Back then I was really researching a lot of stuff in the field of alternative medicine (All of this would maybe take another 100 articles to explain … ) However, I really would’ve liked to know about this back then! You also can’t and shouldn’t decide for the treatment of somebody else – especially if you’re not a doctor. But all I want (and would’ve wanted back then) is the knowledge, advises and opportunity of choice for the best possible treatment based on real results (in this case for cancer) for everyone if he needs it.

From the real cases I witnessed myself or through my girlfriends father, in a Facebook group about it she and her father are also following and some other patients I met I really think this can support a lot of people who really need help.

The information in this article does not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

In any case, discuss information regarding your medical condition with your doctor.







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