is a product of, one of the major Genesis block producer. contribution to the EOS ecosystem is huge.

Major Products of are

  1. App : Full fledged and advanced version of EOS wallet. I personally recommend to use this wallet as it is user friendly app with advanced features like Ram Trading, auto login. If you want to login to any EOS Dapps this app has a url through with you can verify your identity like scatter.
  2. EOS Kit : A chrome extention for crypto news
  3. : Candy drop app

What is

The main objective to award EOS airdrop token for non EOS Holders. It came into because no airdrop were given to non Genesis EOS holders.

This an Android App which allows the user to claim candy drop on the day to day basis. Sometimes on special occasion major airdrop can be claimed using this app for examples  EOS lite has decided not to proceed with airdrop due to high cost, instead partnered with major exchange and to distribute to the EOS community. Thus if you want to get EOS lite then just download the app and claim the tokens

What is More tokens?

More Token will allow the user to expedite the withdraw tokens to their EOS account. More token will optimize the daily rewards. Once the candy is claimed there is an option to withdraw to your EOS account. Within 1 day this withdrawal will be completed

More is already listed in exchange like which is being traded around 0.001 / EOS.

Steps to download

  1.  Register your mobile number
  2. Download the android app :
  3. Sign in and enjoy the candy

On Going Major Candy Drops

  • Luck Token
  • ATD
  • WIZZ

So dont forget to claim some free EOS candy. Dont Forget to give a 5 Star vote and please do comment on it

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  1. sean

    This is very helpful. I’ve had the app for a while but i’m an ios user and was wondering why I couldn’t withdraw to my wallet. Was never concerned but good to know why. Any idea if they will create an ios app?

    1. Ajay Konale Post author

      You need to have More Tokens. If you refer 1 person you will get 1 Token. Then you can see withdraw option. It will connect with for EOS identity verification then withdraw will be completed