Artificial intelligence comes into the crypto-money sector, with crypto coins and the Cryptoindex 100 with the highest potential.

The current market value of crypto currencies is over $ 200 billion. According to analysts, in the years to come, the crypto money market capitalization could reach $ 10 trillion. Today, there are more than 2000 crypto money in the market. It was hard to find the right crypto-money to store in such an environment: Until now Böyle

Artificial intelligence brings together the best crypto coins

Meet Cryptoindex 100, an artificial intelligence analytic snapshot of the world’s top 100 crypto currencies. The index represents the mathematically calculated crypto currency weight included in the structure. Integration with the largest 9 exchanges enables millions of trades and continuous tracking of orders and they are instantly reflected in the value of Cryptoindex 100.

Speaking on the subject, Cryptoindex CEO VJ Angelo said:

Cryptoindex and its initial product Cryptoindex 100, together with its CIX100-related utility, can play an important role in this process, as the crypto market is shifting from its current form to a more professional financial market. Token and the index will provide a process for the market to use indices and instruments. Cryptoindex 100 was the industry standard.

Crypto coins are filtered through 500 pieces

More than 1,800 coins are passed through 500 fixed filters. Data; Twitter, GitHub and other sources such as many crypto currency exchanges, news sites and social media is collected. The collated data is then used to extract more than 200 factors that create a refined coin sequence in the directory.

As a result of these factors, the first 100 currencies that make up the Cryptoindex 100 are determined. The current analytical value and the current index value and content for each currency included are already in the MVP of the Cryptoindex platform.Cryptoindex 100 takes its power from Zorax

The index works according to the mas Zorax ”special algorithm. Zorax was trained in the history of all crypto trade, including the initial periods of the crypto money market. The self-learning process continues. Zorax learns to take tens of millions of new transactions and orders every day, analyzing messages, news announcements and events in the crypto money market; thus creating a unique, highly developed analytical system in the crypto-money market. The math behind the Cryptoindex 100 index is described in detail on whitepaper.

The CIX100 Token operates as an ERC20 standard token, ie it can be stored in any wallet or any stock exchange that supports the standard.

Token is available on the Cryptoindex platform as a payment tool for all services offered, including various analyzes as follows:

Current index value and structure,

Real-time data from multiple exchanges,

Access to online data flow services through the API,

Historical data and statistical data sets,

Market forecasts and overview and other valuable data.


ERC20 Token can be purchased, sold, listed

Outside the platform, the CIX100 Token can be freely transferred to third parties in the open market, such as another ERC20 standard token. It is associated with imprint paragraphs.

The sale of the CIX100 token will start at 17:00 on 17 October 2018. Participants will have many advantages:


50% discount. With the CIX100 Token, you have a 50% discount on all platforms.

Bonus token. CIX100 can be allocated to the size of the tokens depending on the purchase fee and timing.

The ability to present your CIX100 Token, an independently regulated fund. The authorized fund, with absolute discretion, may purchase the Coca100 token token. Available on website.

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