The main role of carbs is to provide energy, this is our most readily available and preferred source of energy for our body. We store carbohydrates in form of glycogen that sits in our muscles and liver. These stores are limited so when they get full the excess energy will most likely be stored as fat. When you eat a chocolate bar or something high in sugar your blood glucose levels rapidly rise and hormone called insulin is released by the pancreas. Insulin kicks in and lowers the blood glucose levels by storing it in the liver however, like I mentioned before, these stores get full and the rest of the “unused energy” will most likely be converted to fat.

The presence of carbohydrates is also essential to burn fat during an aerobic activity such as running on a treadmill or walking. As you probably know protein is essential for growth, however, when the glycogen (stored carbs) levels are running low, the body will start looking for alternative sources of energy and yes that means losing muscle tissue. The trick is to eat the right carbs which will ensure you have long lasting energy and feel full after a meal for longer than 10 minutes.

Carbohydrates should make up about 50 % of your diet according to NHS eat well plate.

Carbohydrates and their functions:

Provide energy , contain dietary fiber, help preserve muscle (protein sparing), important for proper brain function, keep you fuller for longer and many more. Consider the benefits of eating carbohydrates before going on diets that require you not to eat any.

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