The TRON Trybe writing contest held between January 21st and February 5th saw some very good post entries.

In an effort to mix it up a bit, I have been granted the privilege by Matt and the Trybe team as a volunteer to review the entries and devise a system for the calculation of final prizes.

Although there were a few options, in the end I tried to devise a system that was easy to tally and could be transparent in its results.

So here it is:

(1) Please read through the final entries and choose your top 3 favorites from the 5 contestants.

(2) Follow this link and cast your votes to the telegram question bot.

*Please note to cast 3 votes in the telegram bot, the process is as follows: (a) select choice one and press ok, (b) select choice two and press ok, (c) select choice three and press ok 

What the Tron? (1/22/2019)

Venturing and Investing into the world of TRON (2/4/2019)

Tron Protocol at a Glance (2/4/2019)


TRON + BitTorrent: The Future Of Content And Even More! (2/5/2019)

Upon conclusion of the voting time frame, the votes will be tallied (one point will be awarded for every vote received) and the prizes will be announced as follows:

1st place – 25,000 TRYBE

2nd place – 20,000 TRYBE

3rd place – 15,000 TRYBE

4th place – 10,000 TRYBE

5th place – 5,000 TRYBE

*Please note, only votes cast in the telegram bot will be valid and upon conclusion of the voting period, results will be made transparent in the comments below this post.

In an effort to give those who don’t check so regularly a voice, the voting period will remain open for aprox. 96 hours and be tallied shortly after.

So good ladies and gentlemen of TRYBE, please do show your support for your favorites and good luck to all the contestants!!

Also, a big thanks to Matt and the Trybe team for letting me be a part of this process. Until that time again then, keep up the great content and amazing community spirit that has become what we all know and love as TRYBE!

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  1. James Diegel Post author

    Hello good ladies and gentlemen of Trybe. The poll is now finished – so any votes cast after this time stamp will not be valid. I will be writing up a post later today to announce the winners. Thanks to all who voted for the great contestants in this TRON contest 😉