Dear Chaince users:

The strategic development roadmap is the planning of the future strategy based on the current actual development of the Chaince platform. We will announce the strategic plan for Chaince in the next six months, so that you can further understand the progress of Chaince and provide you with better service!


  •  Oct 2018  Launch Chaince Labs

At the end of October, Chaince Labs will be launched and a series of heavyweight partners will be announced.

Chaince Labs is a non-profit organization that focuses on the EOS DAPP ecosystem and will provide the necessary support for outstanding DAPP project teams worldwide (including project online review, EOS system resources, token system consulting, marketing support, technical support, resource sharing, etc.), continue to help the EOS ecosystem flourish.

  •  In mid-November 2018  Web & APP full line upgrade

Chaince Web & APP will be upgraded across the board to provide you with an extremely smooth user experience and more interesting new features. At the same time, we also welcome you to communicate your thoughts and suggestions with us.

  •  In mid-November 2018  USDT trading zone online

Chaince will open the USDT trading zone and launch the first batch of EOS/USDT, CET/USDT trading pairs. Please keep an eye on the announcement to get the specific online time.

  •  At the end of November 2018  Launch API pending order transaction function

In order to increase the depth of transactions and facilitate user transactions, Chaince will introduce more API functions including API pending orders.

  • In December 2018  Launch the Chaince Annual Project Observation Report

Chaince will collect relevant ecological project information since the EOS mainnet online, and combine the Choice of Chaince team observation angles and analysis and research, officially launch the Annual Project Observation Report, so that you can understand project content and progress more clearly, more comprehensively and more conveniently. Get the EOS Knowledge Encyclopedia in one step.

  •  In December 2018  Launch the Project Display System

A comprehensive understanding of the project is a very important part of the blockchain investment. In order to help users understand the project content in depth, Chaince will launch the「Project Display System」, including project content display page and interesting question and answer.

The basic project knowledge combines interesting design and grows account experience through small questions and answers, quick selection and other forms. When understanding the content of the project, you can also get the reward package (including and not limited to token rewards, account equity rewards, priority experience project services, etc.) tailored by the project party and the company.

  •  The first quarter in 2019  Support the registration and trading of Scatter and mainstream EOS wallets

Chaince has always been centered on providing an industry-leading user experience. We will combine the advantages of centralized pending order depth and decentralized convenience transactions to support the login and transaction of Scatter and mainstream EOS wallets without registration and KYC. Filling up the deal and getting the candy, it’s a step away.

  • The second quarter in 2019  Launch the Chaince account experience and achievement system

You can accumulate account experience values in various forms, and unlock more fun and new gameplay through experience values, and get a package that is carefully prepared (including and not limited to the permanent upgrade of account level, permanent transaction fee reduction, etc.).

The blockchain trading market is changing everynow and then, we will always follow the heart, share the industry dividends with all of you!

Thanks for your always support! We will continue to provide high-quality service for you!


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Oct 16th, 2018


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  1. BitcoinQuest

    Jane, thank you for sharing this update with us. I am especially thrilled about Scatter integration. It remains inconvenient today to send tokens between accounts and exchanges, this is one of the most important moves. I have written some reviews on EOS exchanges lately, please let me know if I can cover a sneak preview of new functionality. Continue great work!