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Hey guys!

Another update here from the Trybe flighdeck… 🙂

In an effort to improve the findability of great content on the site, we have recently changed the default sort order on all our category pages…

How to find the category pages? Use the menu on the left.  From there, you can choose the category that you are interested in. Eg. Crypto and Blockchain > Trading and Investing > All Trading Articles…

The latest default sort order will show you the articles that have earned the most tokens in the last 30 days. However, you have a couple of other options there too: most tokens last 90 days, most tokens all time, and newest…

Hopefully, this will allow you an easier way to discover awesome content!

And please, if you find articles you like, don’t forget to rate them. This will help to even further improve our curation system, and make sure that the best content creators get rewarded.

Due to some people trolling the system, we are now keeping a careful eye on all votes of 1 or 2 stars, so please be very careful about downvoting people like this and only do it in cases of SPAM or really low quality content.

Thanks again fro being a part of 🙂

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