Both Ethereum and Bitcoin are pushing higher into resistance this morning. This move has been a long time coming, well if we call over a week a long time. It is in ‘cryptotime’. It remains my thesis this this zone can begin the final flush as shown in the white count. And, that ideally is the end of our bear market that started in January.



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  1. Zeus69

    Thank you for your post Ryan. I’m not completely sold on TA’s yet, but I do appreciate the expertise around the analysis done. I’m still a newbie but have seen so many TA’s and charts that goes in opposite directions.
    Great day further for you.
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Ryan Post author

      Watch my work long enough ;). See my talks at the moneyshow, and articles going back to December, and you’ll see I called the top and expected us to see these levels nine months ago. But sometimes my charts to go the other direction. Yet, coupled with good stop management, I make a regular income trading. When a path the other direction is evident to me, I’ll include it in my work as an alternative, so I can manage probabilities. No one is 100%. The question is whether they can trade long term for an income.