I don’t like to show Elliott Wave analysis on tradingview, as the tools are not great, but I have data anomolies in Motive Wave right now, which make this triangle not clear. Currently I see a very clear triangle on the Ether and Bitcoin charta. I see this triangle as iv of the circle three labeled. We should see Ether come down into the $140 area as I’ve been calling. Ideally Bitcoin comes into the $4600-4800 zone, per previous charts. However, while I’m scalping this triangle for the short trade, unless the circle 4 correction is very clear, I will not short. If my count is right we should get a violent bid out of that zone, so I’m going to be cautious as it could take my head off. Further, there is always a chance I’m off by degree. Chances of that run high on a chart of such small timeframe. So, I give my trading some slack and I do not try to capture all of every range. 🔥

Good luck everyone. Let’s see if this ends our bear market.



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