We see in every newspaper and magazine we used to read like this, so we give rights to every article we read because everyone has longed for history. The desire to remember the memories, the effort to be the man of great troubles, I have a deeply intense situation. Although I am not yet middle-aged, I have the same sentences. Everything was even more beautiful when we were kids. I have a place for winter. Stove boiling on the stove stove boiling stove in the evenings with tea watching the family arrives in the morning when I wake up in the morning sunlight in the darkness of the morning sunlight storm leaked from the hole of the torch that makes the memories so last thing we want to know that we want to know that we want to remember that so we do not have the meaning of this We’re making things emotional.We forget the stiffness that freezes the hardness in winter and we always remember our memories as we want to remember our memories by trying to fill our emotional emptiness or play games with us. As a child I remembered as a beautiful moment in the winters after school came to the stove next to the burning stove by watching the most beautiful cartoons by watching the most beautiful cartoons of the day was to remove the fatigue. In the winters, snow ball battles were made. The team that I was in always won the game. We used to do the guys in the house. I don’t know how much I start crying on the page.Weekends were the best days of the winter in the winter for me because I was happy we did not have issues to worry about except my school and the games I was going to play I didn’t know what to love to talk about people would not go back to school and what I would like. On the winter weekends, the wake of the late awakening aside, I will wake up with the smell of fried potatoes and see my father in front of the open television, and I will be among the unforgettable memories of the teapot on top of the burning stove. After breakfast was done, we could be dressed on the floor and we could be out on the outside and my brother and I or all of us would enjoy the white miracle in the garden. Place the lunch out again and the weather until the dark as if I’ve ever grown up to a situation where I’ve come to the moment I’ve been playing for a few hours, chat at the stove at the beginning of the day and followed the series of the day we sleep.Maybe every day was the same, but we had a beautiful day without realizing it, as if I had the feeling of experiencing something new every day. There were new year’s deserts that were less likely to be wiped out during the weekends. Those nights are among the memories that I remember when I want to take the most time back. The day of the New Year is the school ends The bus leaves home and if we do homework we would sleep late because it would be late for us the first hours of the new year. Even if we were a conservative family, Christmas would have been better than any night spent together because it was longer and we were spending more time together, especially on TV that evening, so we had all the programs we wanted to watch, so to speak. beautifying a program is one of the beautiful things for me.The day after New Year’s Eve would be a holiday, and for us, the days were no different from the weekend, except that the cartoons on the weekends wouldn’t come out of that day. Especially when it was the night of Friday, which connects Thursdays to a separate excitement of a different feeling of happiness all together to us all the happiness of the feeling of unity was not always beautiful, but of course these beautiful things so much that the bad situation between the bad conditions to destroy enough. There were times when these winters coincided with the feast, the times that made me myself, the times that I found myself, or the emotions that I had learned that I was trying to find, that I had fun touching, sometimes when I cried.Preparations from the Ramadan Feast began in the days before the arrival of the boat fasts with my brother and I have been fasting as a great man to say that we are fasting and lunch and a full fasting preparation of fast-breaking or olive with a glass of oranges open in the afternoon by reading the call to prayer time occurs in our day. he would play our games with more enthusiasm with the feeling that he had done a good thing. As for Bayram, his desire to go to the village was superior to everything.The bags were prepared in advance one night before the holidays we took my mother irons separately on the sofa bed and the morning would not be in us for us in the morning when we did not begin to pray for a few things to eat the moment immediately with the other children, the doors of the houses in the village were collected one by one to collect the candies of our home the last house to go there last and we went there, we leave the house, the board table would wait for us all when we get up and the tradition of the holidays on the morning midday before the breakfast will make our holiday as a happy family would sit on the table we have a more beautiful and special breakfast other Ramadan breakfast If it wasn’t Friday, if we were prepared after breakfast on the first day, we would move fast as soon as we wanted to get to the village. I do not find this enough for our holiday days in the village can not explain in detail.Sacrifice festivities would be more or less similar, but the only difference was that our breakfast would be cut after the victim finished chopping and roasting the liver. And no matter what we do, it will never happen again. The happiness of all of the happy families is similar, but unhappy families have a unique unhappiness.

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