Friends, Hello to all and good mood! On the sidelines of the TRYBE germinate new ideas. We talk a lot about the rise and fall of the market scriptaction, new projects, the development of blockchain, the prospects of EOS. A lot of smart and advanced guys share news and ideas of the crypto industry! It pleases me very much and I am glad to be among you! But what worries me is that when I come home, go back to the world of my family and friends, communicate with friends, it is that as soon as it comes to the crypto industry, blockchain, bulls and bears sharing the market, then immediately a kind of misunderstanding or a complete lack of interest or between us will be a wall! Yes, friends, while we are here at TRYBE building a new world and are the pioneers of the new expanses of the blockchain, most people around us just heard something about it and do not really understand what it is. What am I getting at with this long introduction? It’s simple! If we want an economic miracle, if we want our loved ones to be with us, we must give them a clear and simple tool! Mass integration and mass product. So my leader rankings! Chinese miracle! ONECHAIN

I’ve talked about this project before, but ONECHAIN deserves a much more detailed story. So what is special about this project and why did it become my leader? Let’s start with white paper

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention of bitcoin started a new era of digital assets. The core

value of this is that everyone has complete freedom of control over wealth and information. This

is a civilians movement. However, there are still many problems to be solved in orderto

popularize this technology, mainly in the aspects of wallet ease- of-use, privacy of communication,

trading performance and safety.

Based on the blockchain technology, this project will develop mobile apps with integrated universal

wallet, lightning transfer, blockchain exchange and P2P chat, giving priority to Android and iOS.

ONE will greatly reduce the threshold for the use of digital assets and accelerate the

popularization of digital assets.

Super Wallet, Thunder Transfer, Decentralized Exchange, Decentralized Chat.

Technology: iOS / Android native app based on high performance graphene / bitshares

/ EOS technology

Mission: make people truly own digital currency, easy to use digital currency

Having carefully read these lines, we cannot but agree that only ease of use, as well as accessibility for all, will help us enter a new era! So there is so wonderful in this product that not only I, but you said-Yes, it’s a cool project! It really is worth a separate article, and maybe more than one article! I’ll start in order…

The creators of the project immediately said that they will focus on the creation of mobile applications and payment platform similar to Alipay. They also complement their platform with a means of communication – a decentralized chat. Another innovative step is the payment processing system. The guys from One Chain thought and found an interesting solution. How to combine several blockchains (BTC, ETH, EOS) on one platform… the solution is simple and brilliant… Take BTC for example

First, the user sends the BTC to OneChain’s gateway, and the OneChain gateway uses multiple signatures to save the BTC assets. On the OneChain network, OneChain Gateway distribute the same number of ONE.BTC assets to this user. Users use ONE.BTC to trade, the transaction requires a small amount of ONE.BTC fee and micro ONE fee. User withdraws from OneChain gateway. The OneChain gateway automatically transfers BTC from the multi-signature wallet to the user, and the OneChain gateway releases the corresponding ONE.BTC asset.

I want to quote information taken from white paper. Super Wallet At present, there are more than a thousand kinds of digital assets, there are overwhelmed. The existing wallets can be divided into the following categories: wallet (PC version), web wallet, mobile app wallet, hardware wallet and offchain wallet. There is a lot of data that can be used to make it. is, computer PC wallets. At present, the PC wallets are not subject to any current technologies. Therefore. I am an app for users of the appliance. Mostly SPV wallet, Bither, Coinomi, Jaxx, Imtoken as the representative. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll need to take care of it. . It is the biggest problem. As a result, we’ve developed a new one. Android and iOS mobile devices Compared with the existing wallets, it is as follow

The creators of the project give us the ability to easily and quickly manage assets. What else? You’re welcome!


encryption of end-to-end public and private key information, secure and reliable, greatly

improving security over other chat apps.

Small private circle:

The small private circle is based on graphene/EOS technology. The social media supports chargeable small private circle to make the valuable content to generate returns.


It supports text, emotions, audio, pictures, etc. It also supports small private circle, facilitate the

transfer of mainstream digital currencies.

Reputation system:

Based on the blockchain, it can not be tampered with, this is a genuine and reliable system.

Digital gift:

In addition to the basic chat, it will also build up an interesting digital gift market to make the chatting more interest, more fun.


Based on the global decentralized structure, it builds a global decentralized real-time communication system with high performance and high usability.


The people you don’t want to see will disappear forever.

I also want to note that “ONECHAIN” is two apps! Yes, we are given convenient tools! This is the full version of the application and separately decentralized chat application, which left some of the functions of financial instruments!

Chat and its features can claim to write a separate article. I want to briefly describe the main features of the chat. Well, of course, this communication on all topics (a lot of communication and information on the blockchain, the project “ONE CHAIN” and cryptocurrency). The second feature of the chat is the distribution of red packets… About this topic, too, can be write separate the review. The main feature, a lot of advertising, which is paid in the chat and when placing automatically formed a red package, which open the chat participants. Regular distribution of coins from new projects (Airdrop). Chat participants share information and encourage other participants to use the information. Social distribution of packages is when participants share a good mood and give coins to others for no reason. For many in China, this chat has already become a source of profit!

The project has many other nice features and functions. If you like my article, I will definitely make a continuation and reveal the details and features of working with the application. I will describe the main features. Mining (works through a mobile application). A great feature for those who want to earn some coins without investment

The opportunity to purchase an investment portfolio, get 10,000 energy for mining and extract passive income!

The developers promise that in the near future the application will be available in 11 languages. I am sure that when this is implemented, the project will reach unprecedented heights of development. I want to note the presence of another function that I was very interested. I haven’t imported accounts into the app in a long time… And finally it happened, I imported the EOS account into the application and after the last update I found an interesting tool in Dapp applications-I can create coins on the EOS blockchain myself!!! I haven’t tested it yet, but I will definitely do it soon! Price issue 3 EOS… how do you like this turn of events! Very interesting application that will entertain me and give the opportunity to dream!

So friends, join, use and have fun!

I want to wish you all a good mood! And I wish you all luck, love and patience! Write your comments and ask questions. I will be glad to answer! Criticism is welcome, too – criticize me and I will get better!

The article uses materials from the official website and application (screenshots of the official application and collages and compilations from official sources)

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    1. Ilia Post author

      Yanika, that’s right, the application is a synthesis of WeChat (only on blockchain) and payment system (exchange, online wallet and imported wallets BTC, EOS, ETH). The project is also supplemented with mining functions, investment portfolio and a number of other functions.

      1. Yanika

        Yeap, I read the article thoroughly, but will come back to it, as there are some breakthrough adds up in it. Do you have any idea how many accounts are registered so far, or do you have any other stats regarding the market penetration. Are there any comments from Wechat?

      1. Ilia Post author

        Yanika, hi! I see that many friends have a sincere interest in this project. The main problem is the complexity of communication. In chat almost all communication is conducted in Chinese. The installation of the application is intelligently clear and simple. There are a number of features that I saw for the first time, but you can figure it out on your own. I will definitely make a message about installing the app and some interesting features. I haven’t figured out all the features of ONECHAN myself yet. I don’t really understand the benefits of creating your own group and distributing red packages there, but I know it’s a whole business! In Onecoin, Kings are engaged in this business (as they are called in the chat, for the crown on their head), their goal is one, this is the distribution of a certain number of red packets and the promotion of groups. Deposit and withdrawal functions also have their own characteristics. Now I’m testing a function of the input and output means. The project has enormous potential!

        1. Yanika

          My friend, I would like to further discuss these matters with you. I am very very familiar with Wechat, know about the groups, mini programs, red packages, and all marketing and promotions offers etc.
          I know that Wechat/ AliPay is the super App and could have been unchallenged for years to come, had the blockchain not become part of our life.
          Keep in mind the matter your brought to us is the one I am the most interested in.

      2. Ilia Post author

        Yanika, that’s right, the application is a synthesis of WeChat (only on blockchain) and payment system (exchange, online wallet and imported wallets BTC, EOS, ETH). The project is also supplemented with mining functions, investment portfolio and a number of other functions.

  1. Zeus69

    Great information and article Ilia, I for one would certainly like to knoww more about onechain. Full marks for all your effort in explaining in such detail.
    Its people like yourself that make TRYBE such a special environment to visit for expertise and information such as this.
    Thank you and Regards,

    1. Ilia Post author

      Mark, I’m glad you liked the article. I hope you will like the application. I have in store there are some more interesting projects that I will talk about in the near future.

    1. Ilia Post author

      Adil, hi! Thanks for the comment. If we talk about gifts that can be found in the vast onechain, there are two sources of digital gifts. The first is the mining mode in the app. The second way to receive gifts of red packets in the chat. When you chat online you can participate in receiving digital gifts from red packages (distribution on different occasions-new projects, advertising, promotion of chat participants), distribute different coins BTC, ETH, EOS. Many coins of own blockchain-ONE. The amounts are small, but there are exceptions. Regular distribution of EOS Blockchain coins such as TEA (by the way the coin is already on the exchange and gave a good growth). You need when a new red packet in the chat to have time to open it. A package contains a certain amount of digital asset, indicating how many participants it is divided into. If you have interest in Adil project, I am ready to help you understand!