EOS blockchain keeps moving forward since its launch this past June. As more and more new dApps appear, users need more resources to be able to deal and transact with those dApps. The only way to do so is keeping some of your EOS Staked in the blockchain so you get RAM, Bandwidth and CPU resources to deal with your needs.

Many users just leave their tokens staked as they do not intend to trade and if they do not use the resources the blockchain assigns them, those resources get just lost, and this is where this new service comes in.

Chintai.io offers any EOS holder to lease its staked tokens to anyone wanting or needing those resources. It is just a nice way to get some benefit from unused staked tokens instead of losing all the resources offered. The service just launched this week after solving some issues and now offers 7, 14, 21 and 28 days market, where lenders and borrowers can trade.

You need to log in with your scatter account, select the days you want to trade your EOS tokens, introduce the interest amount you request from a borrower (if you are a lender) and the amount of EOS you offer.  If your intention is to borrow, you just do the same and wait for your request to be filled by any lender.

It is a very new service and time will tell if  EOS holders and EOS requesters is a big market to make the platform profitable, but it is very interesting to see how different businesses are pumping out from all the opportunities appearing as EOS blockchain keeps evolving.

For a nice explanation on how the service works, you can read EOS24 blog post on Medium.

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  1. blogger

    it looks promising, but it seems that the site still has a few bugs to work out. I got a bunch of pop up messages at once after clicking around for a while because the site was slow an unresponsive