Its that time of year again that we are all suppose to “spread joy” and do our part to support the 25% of economic activity for the year that goes on over these couple of weeks. I certainly don’t want to stifle anyone’s “JOY”, to the contrary, I’d like to see more people in a Joyous State all the time, and the best path for that is to understand the TRUTH.

What Does the Christian Bible Say About Christmas Trees?

Jeremiah 10:3-5

3 For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut down a tree from the forest; it is shaped with a chisel by the hands of a craftsman. 4 They adorn it with silver and gold and fasten it with hammer and nails, so that it will not totter. 5 Like scarecrows in a cucumber patch, their idols cannot speak.

What are the Astronomical Facts About December 25th?

The Day the SUN (Son?) was still and then was Resurrected

Every year, because of the tilt of the Earth’s Axis, the sun seems to take a path high in the sky for summer and then moves to a lower path in winter. The path gets lower and lower in the sky until (in the Northern Hemisphere) it hits its lowest point on the Winter Solstice (Dec. 22).   At this time the sun seem to stay in the same spot for 3 Days  (until Dec. 25 – Christmas) at which points the days start getting longer again as the sun’s path moves back higher in the sky.

One could imagine the people looking up at the sky and worrying that soon, one day there may be no more sun as its path keeps getting shorter and shorter, certainly they would rejoice in the turning of this trend and the gradual increase in day length and the ability to grow crops again.  All could proclaim “The Sun has Resurrected” and will be our “Savior”.

Amanita Muscaria and Reindeer

John Allegro, a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar and archaeologist,  wrote a fascinating and highly controversial book entitled The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, whose subtitle was A Study of the Nature and Origins of Christianity within the Fertility Cults of the Ancient Near East.  J.Allegro put forth the idea that Christianity was an expression of an ancient cult which worshipped sex and mushrooms.

There is much old art that supports this idea and Allegro argued that the entire story of the Jesus in the Gospels was a code for the ancient journey of conscious self-exploration, aka the psychedelic “trip”.  Is the red-and-white Santa Claus (or St. Nicholas) a modern representation of the village shaman who had the knowledge of mushroom revelations?

The active ingredient of this mushroom does not break down in the body and can in fact be consumed (from the urine) up to 6 times before noticeable degradation of its psychotropic affects.  In fact it is safer to drink the urine of a previous user than to eat the mushroom itself, as the mushroom contains toxic compounds that the first eater’s body will have to deal with.

The Reindeer love to eat this mushroom and its psychotropic compounds are found in the urine of the Reindeer.  For this reason, tribesmen would ingest the urine of the Reindeer and receive their psychic gift into the realms of the Gods.  The psychological effects of the Amanita mushroom usually include sensations of size distortion and flying. Also a side effects of eating Amanita mushrooms is that the skin and facial features take on a flushed, ruddy glow. Is this why Santa is always shown with glowing red cheeks and nose? Even Santa’s jolly “Ho, ho, ho!” seems to be the euphoric laugh of one who has indulged in the magic fungus.


Before Coca-Cola came along to utilze Christmas as a marketing scheme, Santa was drawn in a variety of ways – even as a scary elf –

Coca-Cola introduced this new friendly, human image of Santa (created by illustrator Haddon Sundblom) in December 1931. (This picture is of a 1931 ad.) From 1931-1964, Sundblom created holiday ads for Coke featuring Santa, and those images continue to be used each year on bottles, cans and 12-packs

This was certainly the beginning of the end of the “Traditional” Santa’s of folklore and mystical beliefs.  Indeed this was the beginning of the Modern Santa and his association with CONSUMERISM  as the self serving “God of the Times” under the guise of being a Christian Holiday for Peace and Praise.


It would be apparent, even without the historical background of this cultural phenomenon, that Santa and Christmas have nothing to do with what is considered traditional Christianity.  No, it would seem apparent that Santa and all the magic surrounding X-mas (as in XXX) is just the same old modern materialism and self-oriented hedonistic gratification used to keep the working enslaved (to their new X-mas Credit Card Debt) to a system of mindless consumption.  All that and without regard for the Earth nor one’s personal spiritual well being and peace.   It would appear to be quite the “oxymoron” of a holiday.

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  1. Workin2005

    Interesting post@i-am. No one knows the date Christ was born. As a Christain, I don’t view December 25th as Jesus’s literal birthday, but rather just the day most Christians agree to celebrate His birth. I realize many view Christmas as just a fun time to give and receive. Others choose to get caught up in materialism. Each to their own. We’re all free to have our own beliefs and make our own choices.
    Personally, I’d love Christmas even if I wasn’t a Christain. Everyone makes an extra effort to get together with family, help those in need and just be thankful for being alive. Obviously we don’t need a holiday to do any of those things. Of course we should try to do them anyway. But Christmas gives us all a mutual time to make the extra effort to get together and enjoy time with those we love and may not have seen for awhile. Religion aside, I find that to be a very positive thing.
    As far as materialism and greed…I think people prone to those things will do them anyway. If we stopped celebrating Christmas tomorrow, people would find another reason to shop and spend money. Still, I’d like to see less focus on things and more focus on God, family and friends (or just family and friends if you’re not religious).
    Our family puts a cap on the amount of physical gifts we give…especially for the kids. We don’t want them to think Christmas is about getting a ton of material things. Instead we try to teach them to give to others by performing an act of kindness. Bottom line, I agree society has become far too materialistic. This has spilled over into every aspect of life, including Christmas. That said, I love this time of year. Yes, there are negative things you can focus on, but overall, I find Christmas tends to bring out the best in most people.
    Anyway…thanks for your thoughts. I’d wish you a Merry Christmas, but I get the feeling you’re more of a Festivus kind of guy…so Happy Festivus my friend! 😉

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      That is great that you minimize the training of “materialism” on your kids !!!! I agree with you that those things are important, God (aka TRUTH), Family & Friends and whatever helps one focus on those is not all bad. I think i was trying to point out that many of us in many aspects of our lives follow “old rituals” that we are not even aware are rituals or where they came from. (I’ll be having a series on Holidays) And I think its very interesting to discover where those traditions/rituals came from and their original meanings,,,,, and with that awareness one may gain more insight into how those activities and symbols might be brainwashing them/us culturally…. Well I think its interesting anyways.

      1. Workin2005

        Yeah…I’m a firm believer in teaching kids to appreciate the small things. This is the mistake all prosperous societies make. They get comfortable and start taking for grated how good they have it. We’re see it in America right now with this victimhood mentality. People have it so good here that they start trying to find things to get outraged about. They have no idea what it truly means to live in an oppressive society.
        We’re seeing it with the rise of socialism as well. People don’t understand how much death and poverty has resulted from socialist/communist ideas. It’s easier to exercise first level thinking and say, “I’m entitled to this or that”, without ever digging deeper. So I agree information is good. Learning the origin of things, as well as historical mistakes, helps us grow and evolve.

        1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

          I totally agree! But would add that the Central Bank (aka Federal Reserve) is a “Communist Construct”,,, and is the owner of the Military Industrial Complex and has run the US coming up on a century now.

          Personally I think all governments are bad, and if fact that is what a Republic should be, institutionalized Anarchy, where the only thing government does is “Protect Individual Rights”.

          The blame and entitlement culture are exacerbated by the ease and prosperity but fault lies in peoples apathy towards improving themselves, they want to stay children and have daddy take care of them. Spiritual Growth means 2 things;
          1. Taking Responsibility to Change what you feel should Change (no Blame)
          2. Stop being a SLAVE to your desires (desires are how others control you)

          A moneyless technological anarchy system possible today:

          1. Workin2005

            Completely agree about the FED. America started down the wrong path the second we left the gold standard. I also agree all government is bad…but necessary TO A DEGREE. I think it was Reagan who called government a “necessary evil”. As you point out, the only role of government should be to protect individual rights. That’s it. Full stop. Nothing else.
            You’re exactly right about people wanting to remain children. It’s much easier to blame society for your problems than it is to look in the mirror. Even if society does deal you a bad hand…when has playing victim ever resulted in prosperity? People need to realize life is unfair. You can cry about it or get up off your ass and try to prosper…despite any real or imagined adversity.
            As far as spiritual growth, I agree overcoming a victimhood mentality and taking responsibility is great for your spirit. I’d add developing a personal relationship with God to the mix, but I’m sure you and I define the word “god” differently. Regardless, I think we agree on much more than we disagree. Thanks for the intelligent back and forth. 😉

  2. MineYourMind

    Great article! I had known about the solstice and it resembling the Christian Easter Story, which of course makes the birth and resurrection celebrations backwards.

    Being an Atheist, I’ve known about how the early xtians incorporated the pagan holidays to convert them to this new Myth, which was obviously quite successful.

    Of course there were many gods before Jesus that were “born” on or around Dec 25 with the same resurrection details attributed to them, so we know the latter two questions in your title are fact, while Christianity’s version are just as much Myth as any other.

    I was recently looking for a preparation guide on how to eliminate the unpleasant side effects of consuming Amanita’s to no avail. So, I must either suffer at first then harvest my urine or find a process that absorbs culprits in the mushroom to avoid the vomiting…I’ll be doing quite a bit more research on the topic…I really enjoy micro-dosing hallucenogenics and Amanita’s are the most widely available.

    Unfortunately, religion and it’s harm to our species is here to stay for a long while yet, but with our current knowledge of where these primitive celebrations and beliefs came from and what they actually explain, humanity will eventually break free from this ignorance, which causes much of the hate and division that occurs.

    Oh, I got it!

    I need to have a deer as my pet on the homestead and feed it the Amanitas, then collect its urine

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      That’s right,,, let the deer get liver and kidney damage,,, so you don’t !!! LMAO

      Religion is what happens when men pervert TRUTH to suit their personal (ego) needs, such as power, wealth, social standing, etc. But TRUTH and Spirituality have been the most important topics since the happening of CONSCIOUSNESS (the “observer” – not the body).

      If one reads the “spiritual texts” of the world (including the bible) with the correct perspective of interpretation, they all basically say the same thing:

      1. GROW UP, take responsibility for what you think needs changing (NO BLAME – serves no purpose)…. aka “Personal Responsibility”

      2. DON’T BE A SLAVE – mostly to one’s personal desires (ego’s desires), as this is how one enslaves themselves and allows other to enslave them.

      Here is a good article to start the exploration…..

  3. firedream

    I don’t call myself a member of any religion but I like to see people feeling “high” even with their superstitions.
    Is this abused? Absolutely!
    Are people happy with this abuse?Definately!
    Check Holywood movies, the most dramatic scene of “end of childhood” is when a kid stops believing Santa.
    @i-am , it doesn’t matter how loud you scream the truth, you can’t fight with this.

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      true, I don’t want to fight it, I just want to call it out for what it is. Without consumerism there might be mass suicides from feelings of meaninglessness as people regain consciousness of their empty holes that they were constantly filling with “purchasing”.