The recent climatic events that have caused serious damage to things and the loss of many human lives, in different parts of the world, are placing the attention and the effects of climate change at the center of attention and with increasing importance.

A recent, very interesting study has shown that in the Mediterranean area these effects of climate change are making problems and impacts on the territory much more marked than in other parts.

The results of this research (published in Nature Climate Change) also highlighted the possible reasons for this phenomenon: excessive urbanization, intensive use of soils, strong pollution are factors that, as they are going to affect in a relatively small and closed area, as precisely the Mediterranean basin, are able to induce strong impacts and cause serious consequences.

If observed in a correlated and global way, different indicators are obtained that help to understand this.

For example, temperatures are up 1.4 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial period, but especially in this area there is a higher temperature increase of 0.4 degrees compared to the rest of the globe.

And this will lead in the long run to a reduction in rainfall with consequences water shortage that will affect the general agricultural production that, as is known, uses most of the water for irrigation. Furthermore, the increase in population will aggravate this situation. Global warming will have a negative effect on agricultural production with obvious and worrying consequences for food and people’s health. Unfortunately, it is above all the crops that are fundamental for our survival, such as those of rice, corn, and soy, which are most affected by these negative effects caused by recent climate change.

This is now demonstrated by various scientific research.

This is a small example of correlated and linked effects created by climate change that both scientists worry and are highlighting the need to find solutions that can no longer be postponed.

Photos by Pixabay

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  1. sandwichbill

    Unfortunately, climate chance denial has powerful backing and lobbying powers and governments listen to them, because they see action on climate change as being bad for corporations trying to maximize their profits by raping the earth’s resources.