Yes this is a real coin. It has so many chop marks on it, it’s hard to identify. I was able to figure out it’s a 1790’s 8 Reale featuring Charles IV. Obviously you can’t see him but I did find some distinguishing marks to point me in that direction.  Below I’ll cover the distinguishing marks I found.

What is a chopped coin?

A chopped coin is one that has been stamped by merchants to guarantee weight and purity. Each person had their own stamp and it looks like this one has been around the block. A good deal of the chop marks are from Chinese merchants.

What I found to identify it.

Here is an example of what I believe this coin to be. Charles IV of Spain. AR 8 Reales 1790’s.

What leads me to believe this are some of the markings around the edge. Here you can see a faint number 8 and the letters RFM.

You can also see the H and SPAN in HISPAN right here.


I’m going to keep this one short as I would like to do a more in depth article on the chop marks themselves. These coins aren’t for everyone and some dealers think they are ruined because of the chops. I personally think they add character to the coin and tell a story of it’s travels. Each of these chops identifies a different merchant and I think I have figured out a couple of them, but that will be in the full article.

I hope you enjoyed this information.  The original article can be found on my Steemit page here.  Have you ever seen or heard of a chopped coin?  You don’t see many of these floating around and an even smaller amount of people who collect them.  If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.  Thanks for reading and rating my article!

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      1. Cloud blade

        I will find a time to shoot it. If you think it should be fake, just say it. If you think it is true, you can also comment. I can have a bottom. Grandpa said that he took it away when he fled. In the past, a large number of people received it, but it was very cheap, so it became a souvenir.

  1. Ilia

    We began to forget about coins and money that weigh in ounces and grams! I sometimes pick up my Minelab (I hope you understand what I’m talking about…), sometimes luck helps me and I dive into the story… Great article and cool photos! Thanks @VG