Today I wanted to talk about some very sought after silver pieces. These are hand poured silver rounds and bars. They carry a much higher premium than stamped or struck bullion, because no 2 are alike. Here is some of the hand poured pieces from my collection.

JPM 5oz Bar

This bar comes from Jackson Precious Metals. This bar was poured sometime around the early to mid 1970’s. You may recognize the shape. It looks much like an old Silvertowne poured bar and for good reason.

During the early 70’s Silvertowne allowed some other companies to use their moulds. Here is an excerpt from article on

“Their 5oz, 10oz and 50oz mould sizes are proprietary to SilverTowne, yet they shared these mould sizes with Jackson Precious Metals (JPM) and a select group of privately commissioned entities, and these affiliated ingots are now becoming quite collectible in their own right.”

All Engelhard is the authority on vintage and modern bullion. If you can’t find it on their page, someone there will help you find info.

My Hand Poured Silver

Not only do I collect hand poured silver, I also pour my own. I’ve been pouring silver for a little over 6 months. It’s not really hard to pour just takes some practice and patience.

For the small amounts I pour, not much specialty equipment is needed. I have a small tank of MAP Gas, a graphite mold, some Borax, a crucible (bowl) and whip (bowl handle). This is enough to accomplish what I need.

On the silver side of things, many different options are available. In the below pics you will see I use a few different things. The silver BB’s filling the crucible are known as Silver Shot. They are .999 Fine Silver and are used because they are easier to melt. I also use generic rounds and low premium coins to melt. Here is a look at my tools.

Action Shot and Results

Here is what a 1oz Generic Silver Indian head round looks like right before it turns to liquid. The Borax helps pull out any impurities and keeps the silver from sticking to the crucible. After a while it turns blue/green as you see on the edges here.

My Pours

There you have it!

I still have a while to go before I move on to pouring cast pieces.  These vary from a quarter ounce to just over 1 ounce.  I hope you enjoyed my hand poured silver and found it interesting.

Have you ever tried to pour Gold or Silver?  Do you have any questions?  Please feel free to ask them in the comments.  Thanks for reading and rating this post!  Have a great weekend.

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