The NorFed dollars were started by a man named Bernard von NotHaus.  He was the founder of the Liberty Dollar.  His idea challenged the official Fiat currency and the FED didn’t like that.  Here is a little of the story behind the coins.

NorFed Dollars

Today we’ll look at some of the most controversial coins in recent times. NORFED started striking coins in 1998. The problem was they had a US Dollar amount stamped on the coins. The FED’s weren’t happy about this and began to take action.

In 2007 the FBI and Secret Service raided the Indiana Liberty Dollar Office and also the Sunshine Mint. They seized all supplies of gold, silver, platinum and copper controlled by Liberty Dollar. They also seized all books, records and computers they could find at this location.

$10 NorFed Coin

Starting with the 1oz $10 Liberty Coin. This year had 4 different designs. This one being the most rare of the 4. It is the deep strike with no gap in the “O” in GOD. They had a wide rim version,regular bersion and a Large E in LIBERTY version. The obverse was the same on all 4 coins.

$5 NorFed Coin

The $5 Liberty Coin is 1/2oz. Only 3 of the $5 coins were ever minted. The first being this one from 2003. The second one is from 2005 and lastly in 2008.

$1 NorFed Coin

And last up is the 1/20th oz $1 Liberty Coin. Only 3 different version were ever struck in the $1 coin. The first version being this one with the round top 3. The second looks the same but has a flat topped 3 in the date. The other is from 2005 and shows a $2 denomination. Some say this was a mint error but no one knows for sure.

Local Liberty Coin

A cool story to go with these coins is a local one and happened to a friend of our family. His name is Dave Gillie. He owns Gillies Coney Island here in Flint, Mi. If you eat there you can pay any way you chose. They accept copper, silver, gold and just about any other piece of scrap precious metal. They will even let you do dishes or bus tables for food. In 2001 he became a distributor of the Liberty dollars and was consequently raided and had many thousands if not millions seized. He has been fighting the feds for years and if I’m not mistaken has had most of his assets returned. Mr. Gillie is a personal hero of mine. You can read the story in it’s entirety here. Norfed History.  Here you can find the details on the different coins.  NorFed Coin Guide.And lastly here is the link to my original article about these coins.  NorFed Coins on Steemit.

Have you ever heard of NorFed coins?  Do you own any of the series?  I would love to see them if you do.

I hope this post was interesting and informative.  Thanks for reading!

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      1. TRUTH(@i-am)

        It was obvious the Fed was scared when they arrested him. The coin value in silver wt is now higher than the $ value printed (makes the Fed argument void on its face). The LIBERTY DOLLAR was a great idea of its time, and precursor to our cryptocurrencies of today. Kudos! Great Topic !