Today I would like to show you a Lincoln Penny Commemorative set in .999 silver.  Before that we’ll take a look back at the history of the penny.

A short history of the Penny 

In 1787 Ben Franklin created the 1st US Penny.  It was called the Fugio Cent.  Shortly after that in 1793 the Mint opened and started striking new Pennies.  These pennies were known as Large Cents and were around from 1793-1857.  In 1856 a smaller penny was created aptly named the Small Cent.  Very few were produced between 1856-1858 until the Indian Head Penny arrived.  1859 marked the 1st year of the Indian Head and it was produced until 1909.

This takes us to the Lincoln Penny and the star of my article today.  

Lincoln Penny Set

From 1909 to 1958 the front of the Penny showed the portrait of Lincoln on the Reverse and Wheat Stacks on the Obverse.  That Penny design was the longest running unchanged design in the US. These are commonly referred to as the “Wheat Penny”.  In 1959 Lincoln was still on the Reverse with the new Obverse design showing the Lincoln Memorial.  

For the first time since 1959 the picture changed from the memorial to this set. Cool story behind each one. Here’s a little info.

The obverse of each coin represents a different phase of Lincoln’s life. The first coin shows his Birth and Childhood in Hodgenville, Kentucky. It was a 1 room cabin on the Sinking Spring farm.


The second coin shows more formative years in Indiana. He moved here after having issues getting land titles in Kentucky.


The 3rd coin shows his professional career in Illinois. During this period he emerged as a Republican leader.


The last coin in the set shows his time in Washington DC.


I could bore you guys to death with Lincoln facts for pages, but I’ll hold off today. These coins are getting some really nice toning. It’s hard to get a good picture but they are turning a nice bluish purple. Hope you liked this set. The coins weigh 1 troy ounce and have a nice mirror finish.

Hopefully you enjoyed these coins from my collection and a little info about the penny.  Please leave comments and questions below.  Thank you for reading and rating this article.  More of my collection will be coming up soon.  Have a great weekend!

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