Hello good morning good people of trybe. Still on my XRP campaign programme here on trybe. Honestly, it still amaze me the way people think about blockchain technology. They really don’t understand that things Change a lot in this life we find ourselves in, and that is also applicable to blockchain technology. Not too long ago (about 5 months back) some group of XRP haters took to Twitter that #XRP “won’t” and “will never” be added to coinbase exchange but today, what’s happening? XRP Transactions on coinbase will be activated today.

Just yesterday, coinbase made an announcement on their Twitter handle saying that they will list XRP on their exchange using USD, EURO and BTC as their base pair. For a start, they will be supporting some European member nations like Canada, Singapore and Australia. With time they will be able to go beyond these boundaries.


However, I’m not surprised to see many people hating on this prestigious community called #Ripple because I know and I’m sure that this industry is full of greedy and impatient set of people who aren’t patient enough to notice the kind of work Ripple team is putting in place. There’s this saying I love so much “Good work speaks for itself”. In response to one of the questions directed to @wietsewind on Twitter about XRP, “when moon”, his simple response to that question makes a whole lot of sense, showing that true lovers of XRP doesn’t care about the current price of XRP all we know is that, one day it will surprise us all. See his response below 👇👇👇

When moon? I honestly don’t know or really care, we’ll be having fun building stuffs and I think if people, minds come together build stuff, share stories: Great things will eventually happen. I think they are already happening. Eventually it will pay off, I honestly believe that.


If you noticed critically, this question and answer came in few hours before coinbase announced they would be providing support for XRP on their exchange. That simply means, every hour of the day, #Ripple gets partnership with different financial sectors all over the world, whether it’s a big or small firm, it still means one thing, they are getting closer to mass adoption much faster than any other Crypto project out there.

Now let’s take a look at these pictures, this shows the level at which people can spread FUD unnecessarily without knowing how things work. The pictures are screenshots from @RipplePandaXRP on Twitter.

I wonder where these haters would like to hide their faces 😂😂😂 after seeing the big news from their so-called big exchange, coinbase. It’s not my issue though, I just love writing about XRP and it’s really fun doing this 😁😁😁. Come to think about it🤔 coinbase is indeed a shitty exchange for it not to be able to move the price of XRP upwards, yet the claim to be a huge market for cryptocurrency. I rest my case here lol 😁. Follow me and add me as Friend here for your latest news on XRP and crypto news in general. Thanks for reading.


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  1. James Diegel

    Nice update Ijeh. Really good question about where the haters retire to. Interestingly enough I was listening today to a channel that brought it to my attention that this space has a lot of growth that needs to happen to it for the good of all involved. To simplify, it was basically an open admission to a smear campaign by competing projects under the pretense that ‘if we don’t do it first, they surely will’ (I won’t give the details as I’m quite against the whole ‘my coin is going to the moon and yours is one of many flies on the dung pile’). Reminded me a lot of what the hard core evangelists did to ripple when it first started out. To me it all seems really silly. What I was listening to today basically had it akin to the favoritism of sports teams and open detestation for anything that is not on ones personal fan list. Ripple is not the best and its not the worst. It is what it is and has huge potential to do a really good job at what it was designed to do – anything beyond that for me has become just more noise from the crowd not really paying as much attention to what is happening on the field as opposed to what the fans on the other end of the stadium are yelling. Kind of seems like a waste of an admission ticket if you ask me 😉