As I am diving deeper and deeper into the crypto world, I am exploring new opportunities and products around cryptocurrencies. One of the promising products I discovered is CoinBundle.

What is CoinBundle?

CoinBundle is a highly consumer-focused product. Instead of buying separate cryptocurrencies, you are buying bundles of them. It is similar to mutual funds, in which the investment is distributed among different stocks. If you just want to read the WhitePaper, you’ll find it here.

CoinBundle has 6 Bundles available (three of them brand new!):

  • Conservative 2 (50% BTC, 50% ETH)
  • Aggressive 10 (25% BTC, 15% ETH, 15% XRP, 15% BCH, 5% each: LTC, XMR, DASH, ETC, XLM, XEM)
  • Emerging 10 (15% OMG, 14% NEO, 12% ADA, 10% ETH, 10% BTC, 10% BAT, 10% ZEC, 10% POWR, 5% LSK, 4% SNT)
  • Coinbasic (75% BTC, 15% ETH, 6.5% BCH, 2.5% LTC, 1% ETC)
  • Halal (40% BTC, 60% XLM) – this one is only available in countries with Islamic restrictions in finance

The team is also working on a feature that lets you create your own Bundle for more advanced investors (this is, in fact, the one I am looking forward to). At the moment, the research team at CoinBundle is unsure about taking EOS or STEEM into account in one of their Bundles. However, you will be able to add both of them (and even more) to your custom bundle once they go live (according to their CMO and co-founder).

Why invest with CoinBundle?

CoinBundle has a great and response support team working on their Telegram channel. They try to answer every question, take suggestions and ideas seriously and keep improving their product every day. They had a beta running to get users into their airdrop (you may have heard of their CryptoFever) which ends soon.

How to start with CoinBundle?

First, you have to register, which you can do by just clicking my referral link. You can invest with cryptos you have in your wallet or directly from your credit card. The process is pretty straightforward. You put the FIAT/Crypto into your account and select your Bundle afterward. Or, even easier, you buy directly into the Bundle. For every 10$ you are depositing, you’ll receive 100 BNDL tokens (see on Etherscan) on top (up to 10000 BNDL). CoinBundle also aims to have the Token tradeable on exchanges in future.



CoinBundle makes it very easy for non-tech people to invest in cryptos. Personally, I will invest in a monthly rate into different bundles because I really like the concept behind and believe the product has a bright future. Their (hopefully soon available) mobile apps for Android and iOS will enable me to pull my money out at any time, even while I am on the go. I am also recommending CoinBundle to friends that want a piece of the crypto cake but do not have the same technical background than I do.

CoinBundle social accounts:

Disclaimer: This post is no investment advice and reflects only my personal opinion.

All images are screenshots taken from the official CoinBundle website.

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            You should read the article before you declare it “SPAM”.

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              We both could improve here:
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              Peace ✌!

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                Agreed, I will say more if I link a post, declaring its relevance. Unfortunately the DAO30 is not a product yet, its just an idea laid out waiting to be finalized… only the Front End is partially done. Part of TRYBE’s purpose is to connect developers so that new products can be brought to the crypto space. That is my main function. If you, or the anyone you know, wants to help,,, it would be appreciated and they would be paid from future earnings from Sales and Redemptions % fees.

                I thought this team would be a natural for programming the DAO30. Sorry for the misunderstanding.