We all know the main site in the niche but its worth also checking others that have nice options. For some time now i have been testing CoinPaprika.com a pretty neat platform to check on coin prices and do research on them pretty fast and clear.

Of course, you can see live prices and market caps but that’s obvious so i won’t be describing that. We have here price, 1h, 24h and 7 days of its changes with volumes, market cap changes and simple charts. Looks very clean and nice also we have sorting option by each of those to find whats interesting for us.

All Time High


This is what i love the most. All Time High index. We get the date, price and how long ago ATH of a coin was. Looking at this gives you some spectrum of where we are now or where we may be heading. Or./. where we will never go again in case of some coins/tokens. Always check dates if ATH was too long ago vs current volume or exchanges listing it may not come anymore. I don’t speak of top coins but of smaller ones.

Return Rates

See buying when would make you how much (or how much you would lose). Also, amazing to see and compare what you could do or what can come in future. A very important chart to look at before or after investing. We can find there loads of coins with 200%+ payouts that will make your brain go crazy but also we have a lot on -200% so keep that in mind and don’t get over excited.

Other functions

– social media comparison between coins

– many languages with Polish, Russian, Chinese and few others

– night mode

– ICOs list

– BTC Price Volatility Index

And more.

Just check yourself as its worth trying a less known platform that also gives nice information and has loads of options.

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  1. Adil Elias

    Amazing domain name too! 😛

    The functionalities I see are getting better and better across platforms. The social media comparisons is a great tool in this case, it can be very insightful in certain cases.

  2. Infosion

    Wow, so much infos to use..! The community for example tab has some very valuable condensed infos, this is really great: Look @ community tab and compare the results for followers, telegram and stars. I think at just looking at the data it says a lot about some coins … for example the “good” chances for EOS in future
    Thx for this great site and well written article