We lived already to the moment where the CryptoCurrency concept became a sort of brand which is a quite attractive one and a lot of us desire desperately to acquire some ownership of it in one form or another, under one pretext or the other — to have in our possession, especially if it’s possible to acquire it for free!

It was proven all along throughout the history that even if a person is given close to insignificant rewards or gifts from an act — the human psychology works in such a way that he/she will go ahead and consume his/her time and effort just to get ahold of that free stuff, communicating to his/her brain signals of satisfaction and even happiness received from the process itself rather than from those rewards — which actually are worthless, at least for the moment.

In my experience, 95% of the existing Faucets out there offer exactly next to insignificant rewards, but since they offer Cryptos — the beauty of this is that they have a potential to multiply themselves in a relatively short period of time, changing thus the landscape of this practice and perception.

Therefore, the Faucets were born where both the users and the creators of these Websites Faucets are able to multiply their coin/token holdings.

Usually, Faucets are mostly approached by the beginners in the space since the majority of them even if do provide free Cryptos — they are doing it in very small numbers.

Besides, this is a kind of activity where you have to do the same trivial thing at regular intervals of time — it’s boring, robotic, less rewarded and you don’t get to develop yourself. In my opinion, you’re much better off doing other type of simple amateur-friendly CryptoCurrencies tasks that reward you better and provide a more diversified and interesting model of activity where you actually stimulate your brain a little more, increasing in such way the feeling of self-accomplishment as well.

However, even if you ultimately do choose to involve yourself in completing Faucets, then already better do it at least by using the tools offered by cMail: https://cryptoemail.cc?mref=534 and http://howtoearnbitcoinonline.com?mref=25 since it gives you an organized and easier method of accessing them and grants you on top of that cMail ERC-20 tokens — which is the native CryptoCurrency of the CryptoEmail BlockChain project start-up.

There you can instantly find such things as:

== Moon Bit – good paying Bitcoin Faucet that notifies you when its time to claim.. good payout plus you can refer people and earn more.

== Moon Lite – Litecoin Faucet that works with CoinPot – gives Litoshi when you claim; refer also others and get a percentage for life.

== Moon Doge – good paying Dogecoin Faucet that works with your CoinPot account.

== Moon Cash – get free Bitcoin Cash here from this Faucet, claim every 5 minutes and get as much Bitcoin Cash as you can, now while its cheap.

== Moon Dash – another Faucet for CoinPot.co wallets, visit daily to claim free Dash Satoshi every 5 minutes.

== Bonus Bitcoin – good paying Bitcoin Faucet that works with CoinPot, gives around 70 Satoshi at the moment plus good referral bonuses.

== Bit Fun – good Bitcoin Faucet; lots of cool games to play online to earn more BTC from too.

Don’t hesitate also to check my profile on my most favorite and profitable BlockChain Social Media platform as of right now that I’m aware of: https://trybe.one/members/cryptoeera/blog/

Disclaimer: I disclose that I’m paid to promote CryptoEmail project which has its own ERC-20 native token called cMail. There is no guarantee when this token is going to be listed on any market, if ever; nor, at any point, I guarantee its future price/value, if any price/value at all. However, I chose to promote it not because of the monetary incentive alone, but also because I truly believe in its product, service and vision as a whole; that being said, you should realize that my belief might be biased and you should do your own research and take actions based on your own investigation and not based on my beliefs.

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