For those who have been following my information on Coins Eagle,  you are quite aware that there is profits being made in trading cryptocurrencies. Back in Jan of 2017 when when I first began to purchase cryptocurrencies, I really had no idea when to buy or when to sell tokens or coins in the crypto space. As a result, I went ahead and gave it my best shot. As I’ve now become well aware that many other people did the same. I gained hundreds of percentages in the first few months after I purchased some coins, but then lost most of it again because I didn’t have any idea what the market was going to do in advance, which gave me no option, other than to react to what had already happened. Oh how I wished there was a way of knowing ahead of time, what the market was going to do, so I could make intelligent decisions as to when to pull out my profits so as to not lose them when the prices fall in the crypto market. Well we didn’t have that option back in 2017, though it was available to some people, we didn’t know about it and even if we had, it was only available to some institutions. Now it has been made available to the average working class type of person. You no longer need to be an expert at trading to gain profits in the crypto space, nor do you need to be any kind of professional at it. You just have to be plugged in. I will leave all of the export trading mumbo jumbo to the experts, as long as I can have access to the reports that give me the projected information as to what the crypto markets are going to do. I’ll be happy. If you want to learn more about what I’m talking about in this post, Join our newsletter at;

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    1. John Harder Post author

      I began trading in 2017, made money abut also lost money. What I needed back then, was a group of people who I could work with and have an understanding about what the market was going to do in the future. Now I enjoy exactly those benefits I wished for in 2017. I know it seems unfair, but it’s awesome.