Many flowers and lots of color are the dominant feature of this beautiful French center located in the Alsace region on the border with Germany, half an hour by train from the city of Strasbourg.

The city of Colmar is also known as the Northern Petite Venise and has a historic center that is among the best preserved in France. The ancient wooden houses built along the banks of the river ILL have used the particular technique of half-timbered (colombage) and reflect the thousand pastel colors of the façades in the river waters, creating a truly evocative effect.

Small bridges all flowering connect the banks of the river and are the corners much sought after by many tourists for a colorful photo memory.

Walking along the narrow streets of this almost fairytale village is very suggestive. There are a thousand details that you can observe in the well-kept facades of the houses. Signs, hanging hearts, very flowered balconies with beautiful petunias and geraniums. The windows of the houses of Colmar are an opportunity to express the colorful and delicate creativity of its inhabitants: you are exposed to everything!

To visit Colmar a day is a necessary time to enjoy this center and savor not only the colorful scenery of the houses but also to stop and browse the many local craft shops.

In these shops you can find the typical Alsatian ceramics or typical puppets, especially witches and elves. Colmar is in fact an almost fairytale country.

But if you want a particular point of view take a break and take a little hike on the river ILL aboard the characteristic boat.

Naturally, the numerous monuments of Colmar and several museums are also very interesting, together with the numerous cultural initiatives and shows that are organized, make this town very active culturally.

Among the museums I point out the one dedicated to Auguste Bartholdi who was born in Colmar and was the fanciful creator of the Statue of Liberty in New York. In Colmar you will also find the Toy Museum, and the Hansi Museum dedicated to the magnificent world and to the characters designed by Jean-Jacques Waltz known as “Hansi”.

Colamar is definitely a village full of charm that, despite the many people who visit it throughout the year, is able to give us moments of great suggestion.

Thanks for your time.

All photos are mine. The post is also on Steemit.

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