The EtherKnight Race is Still Young

A new EtherKnight race started a few days ago. I promised to back the Trump racer. I also expressed this to our community, and guess who is in the lead…..Trump. So now it’s time to build shares up in Trump and maybe a backup racer, just in case big pockets comes in and challenges Trump. I think we have plenty of racetime to go. The last race went 434 action and the Jackpot grew to 31 ETH. This means we have plenty of time to build this jackpot up. I personally will keep an eye on the timer and make sure I do my part to keep this round going.

Don’t Know How to Play?

If you don’t know how to play, here is a short summary. You have 4 racers. Anyone can invest in a racer, by sending ETH to a power-up for that racer and multiple racers if you wish. It is important to check the lower left of the screen to see which racer you are buying a power up for. When a power up is fully bought, its unique ability takes place. This speeds up your racer or slows down the other racers. Every time a power-up is bought, the race end time resets to 24 hours. There is a unique chest power-up that gives you an early shot at the jackpot. If you are successfull, you and the other investors in that racer get an early portion of the jackpot. The race ends when the timer reaches 0. If your racer wins, you get a portion of the jackpot according to your stake. Even if you racer loses, you still get dividends from all the racer investments after yours. For on final bonus, you also get extra HDx20 tokens when you buy-in with ETH. They have also changed it so that you can withdraw your dividends at ANY time now. This will be great for re-buys!

Don’t Forget About The-City Auctions

There is less than 4 hours left in [Tax Collector auction for The-City]( . It’s a hot potato auction, meaning when you are outbid, you profit. If no one outbids you, you just won 5 SBD(worth almost $4) and the Tax Collector role(worth tons of 💰MoneyBags). If someone outbids you, you get your bid back plus some profit in ETH. You can’t lose. If that wasn’t enough, if you win any auction in The-City Auctions you will become a member of the mob, which is worth even more 💰MoneyBags. There are 2 other auctions that start at .01 ETH. The winner also gets a 💰MoneyBag role in The-City, a CryptoKitty or 10 eTits, and a spot in the Mob. Being in the Mob, you receive 💰MoneyBags from every winning bet in The-City Finally, Don’t forget about the 💰MoneyBags you earn. They can be used to redeem CryptoGaming Assets for popular Games like Axies for Axie Infinity , ChibiFighters, SteemMontsters, CryptoKitties, Eth.Town Heroes, CryptoHorse and More is added constantly. Just visit the #hall-of-fame to see all the claimed prizes already in The-City

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