I was thinking to organize something similar in other websites where I write, but, I was not able to reach enough voting power in order to reward the participants. Still, there is a way to do it, so I would like to represent my ideas to you and in a future I maybe manage to organize all of this in other places. For now it is what it is. I will list you all my reward projects on the Whaleshares platform in hope that you will join me there, write, work and enjoy good company.

I am truly grateful for the wonderful response from the Whaleshares community and I am thankful for supporting and believing in me. With their help I am currently a happy camper holding over 2300 whalestake, which makes me a fitting candidate for this sort of the activity. Once more guys and gals, thank you!

To see all my community geared project with rewards you can visit my Whaleshare profile.

These are no contests in any way, these are the rewards for partaking in activities such as the movie suggestion, tarot readings, visual art submission and even seeking help or simply talking about yourself and your issues.

To participate in these projects, you should be a member of the Whaleshares crypto blogging platform, and how to get there requires a bit of an exclusive help which you can get by joining in with our Discord server. The folks there are very kind, tactful and generous, and will be happy to help out and get you on board.



Every Sunday I collect a list of the movies from the Whaleshares Discord community, watch them and then reward all participants in the comments the next day. Currently, I am in week 6 and movie lists were epic.

GAME AND REWARDS – FREE tarot reading PLUS rewards for ALL participants


I like cards, card games and I also read cards for fun. Who wants to try this can get a free reading from me while I also reward those people for joining me in that entertaining activity and spending some time on my blog.

Currently, I am in week 3 with this reward share.

LET ME REWARD YOU FOR YOUR ART – I’ll animate your creation – SHARING IS CARING!


With this project, I am rewarding all visual artist that wish to participate. But, that is not all. Rewarding is easy, still, an artist expects more for their own work. Me, as a writer, can give a breath of life to that work and animate it to an alive construct.

Currently, I am in week 2 with this activity.


I have been an online listener and mental help counselor on a few helpline websites over the years. With this project, I offer my services for the Whaleshares community on their disposal. I will generously reward whoever joins in with this challenge. I believe that the biggest challenge of a human being is to understand own self and liberate from the insecurities, fears and subconscious torments. In case of a greater mental angst or rampage, my Discord PM is open to chat.

I am currently in week one with this project, which I hope to be useful as well for the angst issues so the same for supporting and rewarding the members of our community.

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Find me on the Whaleshares, Steemit, Scorum, Memo.cash, Minds

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Web site: aschatria.github.io

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Discord: aschatria#1254

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EOS wallet ID: aschatria124


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  1. Paul Oluwanisola

    Thank for sharing this.. I was about to sign up to whaleshare some while ago but I got stuck while creating a bitshare account as my username was already taken. To me the name should be unique since it has some numbers after it “paulo380”. So I got wary if my steemit credentials got registered on the bitshare database as well.
    The problem is, I love using this username on almost social interaction, it like my signature but I will need to choose another if the problem persist. The major concern is how to really get involved socially and financially after settling out as I got stranded on steemit.