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pixEOS is pleased to announce the latest integration of our Avatar Maker 2.0!

You can log in today and choose from a variety of customizable features to create your very own pixEOS avatar that will be backed up by an entry on the EOS blockchain and associated with your account, and now the pixEOS Paint dApp will recognize your avatar when you log in, and display it in the rewards screen.

Saving your avatar is simple. Just visit: and sign in with Scatter, or another compatible wallet. When you’re satisfied with your choices of hair, accessories, facial features, clothing, and background click the save button, or you can also download your avatars as PNG files.

Please note that the avatar will be stored using RAM from the associated EOS account. The configuration for avatars is stored on the pixeos1avatr contract. For developers who want to refer to the API to obtain a user’s avatar, if the avatar is defined it can be found at the API address: (If the resource is undefined it’ll return a 404 error.)

The Avatar Maker 2.0 is just another fun way we’re integrating art and the EOS blockchain. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the team at pixEOS, and thanks for your continued support!

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