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We’ve been hard at work since launching our pixEOS paint dApp, which you can play now at

You may have noticed some new features since we first launched our dApp and we wanted to go over them for you.

Additions To The UI

  • Beneath the paintbrush tool you’ll now find a tool that allows you to investigate pixels. When you click on a pixel on the canvas using this tool, it provides details including the coordinates, current owner if any (this field is blank if no one owns the pixel yet), the pixel’s price, and the pixel’s current color.
  • Beneath the undo operations button we also have a save button which allows you to download the current state of the canvas as a .png file, so you can quickly save a snapshot of what the canvas looks like with your image on it right after you finish painting, should you so desire.
  • We put a stats button on next to the leaderboard chart that provides up to date information about the total number of pixels painted and the total volume of EOS on the canvas.

The Staking System

Staking of pixEOS tokens and claiming of rewards for patron bonuses is now functional! We’ve spent a great deal of time resolving the bugs that were present when we initially launched the staking system. You can now claim your pixEOS Paint Rewards by clicking the piggy-bank icon on the top right corner to bring up the staking menu. Any bonuses you accumulated through the patron system can be claimed on this menu. Patron bonuses are available every 24 hours, so check back once a day to see your rewards. If you can’t check back every day, there’s no need to worry; any unclaimed rewards will continue to accumulate until claimed.

When you’re ready to claim your rewards, the amount of EOS you have accrued is listed to the left of the claim button at the top of the staking menu.

pixEOS is a profit-sharing driven platform, and we believe in giving back to the community, so 25% of all the profits from pixEOS paint (as well as those of future platforms) in EOS that we will airdrop on a weekly basis. The amount you receive is based on both game volume and the amount of pixEOS tokens you have staked for 7 days or 168 hours, so if you want to remain eligible to claim rewards, keep your pixEOS tokens staked and enjoy.

Remember, any pixEOS tokens you receive as a reward for staking are automatically airdropped into your account on a daily basis, so if you want to maximize your staking rewards, you should check back every day and stake your new tokens.

Need A Hand? Check Out These Tutorials

We understand that while we keep rolling out all these new features it might be tough to keep up, so these tutorials by Stellabelle, Kurt, Solomon Lederer, and Rob Finch will help you along if you’re just coming up to speed.

A Bunch Of Cool Stuff Is Right Around The Corner!

pixEOS is very much a living breathing platform, fueled by creativity and built upon the foundation of an operational smart economy. The more everyone plays, the more everyone gets rewarded, and these reward systems in turn breath functionality into soon to be implemented components such including our Art Gallery, Auction House, Art House, as well as other games and dApps.

So far we have been taken aback by the sheer outflow of creativity, interaction, and passion we have seen expressed on our pixEOS paint canvas. As we forge forward towards our the goals on our roadmap, with your help, we’ll continue to build the most amazing decentralized gaming, art, and blockchain platform in the world.

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