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pixEOS is a community-driven project, and our chief priority is always to listen to what the community is telling us. Several of you have voiced your concerns over the percentage difference between the bonuses of the 2 rounds of the token sale. The increase of the bonus tokens in the 1st round resulted in a significant difference of 75% between both rounds.

We understand the concerns community members have voiced to us about the 2nd Round of the sale. The number one goal of the 2nd round of the sale is to have as many people finding out about pixEOS and joining our lovely community as possible. This is why the amount of EOS required to participate has been decreased from 100 EOS to 10 EOS.

This being said, we have also decided to increase the bonus of the 2nd round as well, from 1000 pixEOS per 1 EOS to 1250 pixEOS per 1 EOS. We hope this will show newcomers as well as members who were unable to participate in the first round that at pixEOS our number one focus is: Community, Community, Community.

How Do I Get My Bonus?

All you need to do to get your bonus is participate in the Round 2 sale by following instructions on the official pixEOS website:

If you’ve already contributed, you don’t have to do anything! The bonus amount you earned relative to your Round 2 contribution will be airdropped to the wallet you previously participated with.

Community First

Our desire is to ensure as many people can get tokens as possible. As the community grows and tokens are more widely distributed among members, we will truly expand pixEOS and build on what has already been an amazing start to 2019 with our launch of the pixEOS Paint experience.

You won’t have to wait long for pixEOS paint to arrive, and in the meantime we’ve been supporting the community with cool free interactive tools like our avatar maker, holding competitions where contestants can earn pixEOS, and distributing free pixEOS tokens through Airdrops. We’ll continue to offer opportunities for everyone to show their creativity and get rewards, because we’re dedicated to building a thriving community.

pixEOS is already picking up steam! We’ve received coverage Forbes as well as CoinTelegraph, and you guys have truly shown the power that the pixEOS community has when we all join forces together!

We truly appreciate the support that you guys are giving and sharing the project with everyone you know, so we can grow this community to even newer heights.

So, for those of you who think you haven’t yet filled up your pixEOS bucket of awesomeness, and for our welcome new additions to the community, it’s time to go get even more pixEOS!

Breakdown of New Bonus for the 2nd Round:

2nd Round: 500.000.000 pixEOS

Minimum EOS per Transaction: 10 EOS

Max. Number of Transactions: Not capped

pixEOS rate per token: 1250

What will happen If I already contributed to the pre-sale?

Every person that has already contributed to the Pre-Sale will receive an additional 250 pixEOS tokens for each 1 EOS contributed. We ask you to await patiently as we airdrop every previous participant in the next couple of days.

What if I’m a new participant or want to contribute again?

Over the coming days each new participant and contribution to the Pre-Sale will already instantly receive the pixEOS tokens to their wallets based on the New Bonus. This means that for each 1 EOS contributed the participant will receive 1250 pixEOS tokens.

This bonus is only available to Round 2 participants. Round 1 Participants will not receive any retroactive bonus related to this promotion.

If you have any other questions we want to make sure you get answers. Join our Official Telegram Channel at: Remember, a pixEOS Telegram admin will never DM you first.

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